Saturday, July 30, 2016

Punishment spanking and caning of the submissive male.

I think every FemDom, MomDom, Mistress and Dominant Wife should establish a regular regiment of good old-fashioned bare bottom spanking. I know through experience that it can accomplish many things if done correctly.....if done with enough frequency and severity. One of the beneficial aspects is it can be cathartic for both parties.

 For him: A sort of cleansing of guilt, stress and anxiety which is released through endorphins that are stimulated or "awakened' during punishment. Not unlike how a good massage, a rougher type one sort of like Rolfing, has the effect of releasing endorphins and other mind/body chemicals, and similar to how a very intense workout via weights, martial arts, running etc, spanking can accomplish this same effect.

For her: It is one way (not unlike above) to release pent-up stress....of both the mental and physical varieties. Many people (myself included) enjoy a punching bag, boxing, kickboxing and/or martial arts. I view it as the same. In this case (with proper knowledge and care) going all out on a health males bare bottom with a hairbrush, cane, straps etc is a safe way to get "that" out of your system. (Obviously common sense needs to be used and care to not hit any area not well padded with muscle and tissue.)

It helps to establish....or reestablish her authority and dominance. It's hard for a fully grown male to feel that he is.....The Man in Charge" with his pants down around his ankles laying face down over her lap while her hand or hairbrush rains down on his exposed bottom.

I've written about this many times, but I spank and punish the upper backs of his thighs with a variety of implements and his inner thighs (with hand spanking/slapping only) as well. I love to grab/pinch the lower part of his bottom, pull it towards his head and spank repeatedly with a brush right where bottom connects to thighs.

For both: Obviously certain activities can create sexual arousal.....discipline and punishment being one. Having a bare bottom exposed, feeling that vulnerability and even humiliation can spark an erection in him. The millions of nerve endings in that area, which are so close to his genitals, the rubbing and friction of his penis across her bare lap, or her stockings, skirt or what have you often causes an erection. The exertion of spanking and slapping and hitting by her, coupled with the "power trip" (at least it has that effect on me) and seeing the nudity and the flesh bouncing from your efforts is exciting. Not to mention should he have an erection between your thighs. :)

Friday, July 29, 2016


BDSM-Inspired Jewelry Now in Silver.

Bijoux Indiscrets’s BDSM-inspired fashion accessories in the Magnifique and Désir Métallique collections now are available in silver-tone in addition to the company’s traditional gold-tone and metallic black. Both collections “invite lovers to take part in exciting games. All of the pieces are nickel-free, with adjustable chains that adapt to the female silhouette and outline the shape in stunningly sexy ways. "Waist and shoulder body chains, necklace-whips and bracelet-handcuffs — all Bijoux Indiscrets accessories combine the latest fashion trends with the erotic and go perfectly with elegant looks, sexy lingerie and bare skin".

New Book Says Violent Porn Disrupts Healthy Sex.

Always gotta love when someone else decides for you what "healthy sex" is by their puritan vanilla standards. Art imitating life or life imitating art? :)

Smothering Bench.

While some people with an interest in smothering prefer a box, I wanted to build something higher off the floor and with more "body to face" direct contact. So I made one of these a couple months ago and have really enjoyed using it. Anything I make for sale has to be "product tested" by me first to meet my standards...and this it is.

I'm just using the same "sanitized" photos that I used for my Etsy shop, where graphic content isn't allowed. Hence the blotched out face on him, and the lovely mannequin. :)


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Spanking - 1950s Household.

I'm just curious roughly what percent of the people that enjoy this unique dynamic are interested in the 50s household, fashion, lifestyle and era? No real point to my question other than I'm always interested in what shapes us as human beings, how things are interrelated and of course that applies to peoples intimate lives as well.

Because of the era that it was, most conversation revolving around the "1950s Household" (as a fetish) would be primarily male dominated. Meaning patriarchal rule, influenced by the times, religion and so forth. I think in fact, the reality was a bit different.

(I'm not making this next point/comment in a lighthearted fashion...not at all. Obviously the 50s were immediately preceded by the 40s and the horrors of WW2. Somewhere in the vicinity of a half million US soldiers died, millions wounded in one form or another. Additionally,  we all know of the racism, oppression of gays, women and everything else that existed in that era. And for the record I do not think people should hit all.)

There were many households runs by women (above is just one potential example) and as people tended to stay where they were born more so then, and families were larger, no doubt many young men grew up surrounded by older sisters, older female cousins, aunts, grandmothers and mother. And in most cases women stayed at home and ran the household, often also delegating the chores such as gardening, chopping wood (wood shed?) tending various livestock (pigs, chickens, milk cows etc) as many people lived on small homestead type farms.

So, I think there was a great deal of influence by women. Kids were generally watched closely, by their own relatives and the women from next door and down the street who had a very similar lifestyle. Proper manners and respect was not only expected, but demanded. And there would have been no shortage of able bodies women around to enforce rules and apply discipline when needed. And as many know, many young men (even into early teens) were subjected to a variety of discipline measures. My point is just that its quite possible that many young people were shaped by this. In some good ways, and in some bad ways. Times were hard. But one could consider that this version of a strong "mother figure" might factor into the development of quite a few peoples fantasies.....and later reality.

Anti-LGBTQ Activists Are Beginning To Realize ‘We Don’t Win Anymore’.

Good. On this issue its past time for them to grow the hell up and mind their own business. :)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Ovaries in Overdrive.

Want to see a room full of horny women losing their minds? :)

Camping? Cuckold Camping??

Would you sleep in this? Would you have sex in this? Would you have sex with your lover in this while your cuckold watched from outside and above? A variation on the old saying:
"Don't come knocking if the....plastic tube attached the side of the rocking. :)

Taking our Country back.

Who else is sick of the political season?
I'm part Native American.
 When I hear people say "Take Our Country Back", I wonder from whom?

Submissive Men.....

Speaking for myself only of course.....I would not want a submissive guy who was a doormat. I consider myself to be sexually dominant, and in that regard I set the agenda, the tone, the pace and want my needs met. However, outside of what I just mentioned, I want the guy to have his own interests, his own opinions and his own life. I want him to be intelligent, well read, to speak his own mind and to think for himself. 

There is a fine line between being submissive, and almost being sort of a "burden" or like a child where I would be expected to be a 24/7 caretaker, have to make all the decisions, have to control everything, have to initiate everything, it would become more of a "job" than it was worth.

If I'm voting for candidate X, and my submissive wants candidate Y, he should by all means vote his conscious. If I prefer waffles over pancakes I wouldn't want him to deprive himself of pancakes just to please me. Sort of "out there" examples but you get my point. 

Forgetting for one moment the domination/submission dynamic of this, just like any vanilla relationship you want someone that is happy, fun, engaging, entertaining, passionate and compassionate, with motivation and drive and numerous other facets that appeal to you and bring something positive to your life. So you know, be real, be who you are because everyone appreciates sincerity and authenticity. :)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Woman some other people Admire.

                                          Though in my opinion, only God knows why. :)

Women I Greatly Admire.

Once in awhile I may post about a variety of women that have influenced me in so many different ways. These women are not so much known for the their "sex appeal" though all women are that's already a given right? :)

I'm talking more about journalists, authors, small business owners, social activists and others from various professions that, in some ways, broke ground into what were mostly male dominated fields, and are also sometimes very vocal on controversial topics and in their opinions. Which is a good thing. Controversy and voicing alternate ideas and opinions is what makes us (everyone) challenge ourselves to rethink and relook at what influence us to draw the conclusions we already have formed.

So, for todays post the "Woman I Admire" is: Francesca Stavrakopoulou. Who is "Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Religion at the University of Exeter and head of its Department of Theology and Religion".

You can find many clips of her on YouTube engaging in some spirited debates with some cranky old guys that...based on their body language....dislike her degrees, her intelligence, and that she is so articulate in presenting her polemic where she usually....kicks their butts. :)

Queening chairs...

Because a willing face is a terrible thing to waste. :)

Porn in the modern era.

I rarely ever watch any sort of porn...and on the very rare occasions that I do, its usually my own. :)

Anyhow, a couple nights ago I was bored and went to some tube site. Simply mindboggling to me. The pop-ups, the pop-overs, the pop-arounds, the gifs and ads and screaming blinking lights on the aide bars. It was like being in a busy casino while over caffeinated. Just too much.

But for the few moment that I was there I made a couple observations. High-res cameras and close ups have gone to far. I really don't want to be doing a colonoscopy while just viewing a few seconds of some erotic movie. And they bring out far too much details as far as dermatological "issues" that all human beings have at one time or another somewhere on our bodies. 

The other thing was....what the hell is with the graphic over the top, over kill content? I mean having 20 guys ejaculate into a funnel that is sticking out of some chicks ass? What is that? 

What happened to the good old fashioned (albeit cheesy) skin flicks of a previous era? They at least made an effort at a plot, some mood music, wardrobe, attire, makeup, lighting and so forth. And by having lower resolution cameras and keeping them back a few feet, the viewer had to imagine a few of the details. It was a bit more enigmatic where not all was disclosed until the ending...if at all. 

I just can't see the interest in "2002 Cumshots" a compilation tape where all is exposed in 3 minutes and the noises of the participants, the moaning, the music changes every 4.7 seconds, lol. 

Nope. If I'm going to watch something I want it more like that "quality content" (see what I did there?) that was done in maybe the 70s to the 90s. Call me a "purist" but I think there should be some sex before they jump from scene to scene. If I want superfast wham-bam sex with a quick ending...I'll just have sex with my cuckold. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay!

Why are some of my fellow Americans such a bunch of ignorant ass-hat..... butt stupid morons?

I mean this "debate" can be settled in about one second:

We are.....meaning human beings, after all part of the animal kingdom. You know primates, bipedal perambulators and all that.

You notice you can't even watch a news program or read the headlines without numerous articles about gay marriage, gay adoption, gay rights, gay marches, gay oppression, gay hating, gay baiting, gays in the military, gay teachers, gay, gay, gay, gay!

What is it that makes people hate others just for existing? I mean I know that ignorance and prejudice walk hand and hand. What we don't understand we often fear.....but at this point in history, how could anyone have a fear of gay people? I mean other than some over the top fashion choices......they (and by "they" I mean the inclusion of: sissies, cross-dressers, T-gurls, Transsexuals and everyone else) are totally harmless and I love them to death.  :) 

Training of the Submissive Cuckold Husband.

I've noticed how my cuckold husband....while fairly well-trained, still often tries to avoid doing his job. When I've just had a 'fuck date" with one of my lovers, and its now "clean up time" he will procrastinate, try to disappear, start complaining and moaning and making all kinds of protests. When I pour out a big glop of my lovers superior manly sperm, that "splat" sound it makes when it hits my tits, tummy, thighs or wherever, he looks like he might be nauseous.

 Once I order him to start licking it up, he tries to kiss my legs, up and down my thighs, my tits, back, calves anywhere and everywhere except where I ordered him to. He would rather have his tongue in my ass as opposed to licking up that man cream. He tries to lick my clit with the hopes that I will orgasm quickly, and forget all about him....anything to avoid having to finish cleaning me and my lovers sperm up.

 No way do I, or have I ever, let him get away with that. You have to be firm and maintain control. I make sure the condom is empty, then, I make him lick it all up and swallow it all, and finally I turn the condom inside out, stuff it into his mouth and make him "tongue wash" it clean as well to make sure he gets every single drop. If its thin, I remind him that he's lucky for the sperm to be so runny, as he can let it slide down his throat and be done with it, right? If its thick and pungent.....well that's a whole other struggle and battle involving gagging and some serious force on my part.

 That's the thing with some submissive males. Whether its household chores, laundry, yard work, getting punished, a spanking, (I don't have to spank him that often anymore, but when I lasts for a good hour or so and includes a caning, strapping, crop, hairbrush, OTK hand spanking etc) cleaning up messes, (including ones from my pussy or left by my lovers), they often need reminding and prompting to do their jobs. I mean a few days ago I gave him a hand spanking on the backs of his thighs for not getting the gutters cleaned out with the promise of a caning if it took to long. Granted many of the tasks he is asked to do are rather undesirable, but that's the price you pay when you are a submissive male...right?

 You want access to the pussy (even if its only with your tongue)? You have to put up with my demands, the same as any other FemDom would expect. Some guys think it's all about a bit of sex now and then... well not in my world. :)

 Vanessa Chaland FemDom Studio

Lingerie - Booty Shorts - Fetish Wear - Club Wear - Beach Wear - Kink....



Reminds me of the movie the Birdcage. :)


Ashley Madison pitches relaunch under new management.

I really doubt if people will still pay attention and signup for Ashley Madison after they got caught lying about their membership demographics and nearly went bankrupt. How many people actually believe the marketing claims made by these dating sites?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cuckold Humiliation.

Next time I sit on your face, I will lay forward onto your stomach, & tease your dick close-up.  If I am not licked properly, I will slap your balls......mmmmmm, that reminds me. Just now I imagined you sitting naked on the floor against the wall, I'm bent over with my pussy pressed against your face.  My face is inches away from your dick, you are licking me, making me squirt all over your face, I almost come, but you changed what you were doing, & my orgasm is delayed.  I flick my finger onto your little balls, hard, & you react.  As I imagined this, I got that feeling I described to you.  A rush through my chest that pushes the air out of my lungs, & could be considered orgasmic, but it's all in my chest.

You are going to need a bit of a workout for Saturday if it happens.  So tomorrow, after all of the work is done, and things get quiet, you are going to get to your oral workout.  Tongue strength has increased, and you almost made me come last time, that means you very well could make me come next time, and are very close to being able to make me come often. 

If Saturday happens, Friday will be for ruin/clean up training, to prepare you for the gift I will be giving you. I will be bringing you many presents.  Oooooooo, icing.  That's what I'll bring you, home-made butter-cream icing.  Everyone likes icing.

When I've been presented with an good & easy fuck, knowing I shouldn't because I'm in a relationship, & thinking about how I just don't care about what my guy thinks & just do it for my own benefit.  That makes me so wet!!!  The total abandon, just letting things happen, & feeling what another man can give, without even a thought to how it's affecting my guy.....but then I do notice it's effect. To know that it makes my guy upset/jealous/anxious/embarrassed/humiliated and  I acknowledge that fact....yet keep going, letting him stew in his discomfort, watching us....that IS hot!!  Very hot indeed!  To look at him, make him know this is no mistake, that I will do what I want no matter what. 

Home Movie Screen Shot. :)

Wrecking balls and Hairbrushes.

Made you look. :)

Google’s New Motto: ‘First, Do Evil’.

Google subsidiary Blogger removed 14 years of his work from the web on June 27 with one swipe.

I know how he feels. Google wiped out several of my blogs with no warning nor explanation, some that I'd had for about 8 years.

U.S. Marshals: Porn Sites Spreading Mobile Malware.

Use caution. This means mobile wankers. :)


Photo quality reduced as this are screen shots from my home movies. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sex Stuff....

From what I can gather, this would be a way to use your favorite stars your glory hole. :)