Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Financial Dommes aka FinDoms

Apparently part of the deal with the whole financial domination things online is that they have to hold up a sign with your name on it to "prove" they are "verified". On Twitter being a "Verified FinDom" is of extreme importance because the people that do it don't like so called frauds (news flash, they are all Nigerian scammers, or fat old white guys).

So, as proof of how challenging it is to hold up the sign, which provides irrefutable and uncontestable evidence....I submit this....made by someone else online.  :)

Trump Trolls Cheer Trans Woman's Suicide Note.

I am not conventionally religious by any means, I just have my "own belief/faith/way" but I truly do hope the meek will inherit the earth

Songs about Submissive Men.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

This Church.

You know who you are. :)
Sapiosexuality enthusiasts dream.


10 Amazing Facts about your Vagina.

Actually, I'm not that amazed....but its amusing nonetheless.  :)


From now on I swear (says the alcoholic after an all night bingefest) no more turkey, gravy and stuffing, I'll stick to cock stuffing only . :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Monkey Cock it again.

Gorilla dick" is writing stuff again. :)

                     Why do I call the guy that writes these poems attached to photos of mine he steals?
Because....gorillas have about a 1.5 inch penis.  :)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Spanking Skirts, Spanking Aprons, Sissy, Forced Feminization Clothing.


                           Vanessa Chaland FemDom Studio:

Orgies - Group Sex- Voyeurism

Who is interested in them? Its an odd thing that considering all my various fetish interests and that I am very much an exhibitionist with photos and movies online, in real life, the situation depicted in the photo below would make me very self-conscious, and there's no way I could do it.  :)  

Tongue Boys Missive...

Ode from the Midnight Glory Hole Boy.

Female Adult Bloggers About Women Watching Porn.


Friday, November 18, 2016

Submissive - Cuckold Musings from a Reader.

                                                           THE CONNOISSEUR

Hairy? Yes! And rightly so!
 She wants Her cuckold bitch to know
 the taste of men, their filthy seed!
 cocky's tongue will do the deed!
 Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear!
 Cum dump in Her pubic hair!
 From torn condom! Glug, glug, glug!
 Pulls his face in nice and snug!
 cocky's face, the one I mean!
 Her Pussy left by him pristine!
 By him I mean Her well-hung bull!
 The one who filled the condom full!
 And filled Her Pussy far and wide,
 made its way so deep inside!
 As cocky's cock -- well, never could!
 "God that feels so fucking good!"
 Words She said to Her hung friend!
 (And now my poem nears the end...)
 "cocky" cum dump connoisseur,
 thinks it's Mike...In fact, he's sure!
 Pungent! Bitter! Potent! Vile!
 (He cannot see Her wicked smile...)
 It's tough for cocky to endure!
 He's defiled as She stays pure!
 The cum of Mike ne'er entered in!
 (He cannot see Cheshire Cat grin...)
 Cum lay on pubic hair so neatly...
 "cocky" cleans it, long and sweetly...
 The taste of cum and Lovers' sweat!
 The taste of SEX! Taste of regret...
Humiliation cocky's fare...
 Mike's pungent cum, Her pubic hair...

Trump Nominates Sessions for Attorney General. Threat to Erotica, Porn and Free Speech?

                                                         100% yes...he is. 

Sessions’ “appointment as AG is not good for adult entertainment,” said Tynan, one of the attorneys deeply enmeshed in the adult industry’s successful recent battle to defeat California’s anti-porn Proposition 60. “It’s likely a startling return to far-right obscenity prosecutions and criminalization of adult entertainment. He may try to push banks or financial institutions to tighten their rules for merchant accounts and banking.

More recently, Sessions “blamed the military’s sexual assault problem on the availability of pornography on military bases,” said Free Speech Coalition Executive Director Eric Paul Leue. “While on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sessions sponsored a resolution calling for the vigorous enforcement of federal obscenity laws, citing the Meese Commission as its basis. The resolution passed.”

So Inclined. (Done by a Reader.)

How My Sexuality Changed After My Husband Became My Wife.

I thought this was a fascinating article as the writer shares some in-depth thoughts and emotions that we all have, but are perhaps compounded by the unique nature of their relationship.

Face Sitting - Queening - Smothering - Sardax.

The artist known as Sardax has influenced perversions more than anyone else.
Including me.  :)