Monday, October 31, 2016

Back from the Bar. (See previous post).

You simply can't escape it. Every bar has a 1000 TVs on with sports and politics. So, just want to recap in case anyone is confused:
Donna Brazile worked for Bill , then was the DNC chair, then Wasserman (friends with Clintons) became DNC chair, got fired, and is now working on Hillary's campaign, and Donna got fired for providing Hillary with debate questions...all the while Huma's husbands (Carlos Danger) laptop with the porn shots maybe being sent to minors is being investigated by the FBI, reveals the Hillary/Donna connection.....and Trump is fully insane. You can't make this stuff up....
And yes, the above was one long ass run on sentence.   *Hic*, lol. :)
Third World Banana Republic countries are now laughing at us.  :)

Election-taxation-vexation-intoxication. :)

I'm going to the bar. Someone come pick me up when this stupid election is over. :)

Sunday, October 30, 2016


Pity the neighbors.

                                                      Look....its a "million bucks"... :)

Cave Condoms to Coconu: The Evolution of “Sexccessories”.

                     Sex is probably the oldest­ and most popular­ form of entertainment known to man. 

Erotic Wood Art.

These people are amazing. They make things like the art piece shown below, plus wood dildos and other items. I wish I had that sort of talent. :)

Face Sitting: Wikipedia.

I somehow got listed on Wikipedia for Queening and Face Sitting.

Mom must be so proud.  :)

No One Told Me I Was Intersex.

What happens when you're born with the genes of one gender and the body of the other — or somewhere in the middle? It's complicated.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Harsh Punishment Spanking.

Have you ever administered a bare bottom over the knee spanking, but with sort of a sense of sexual "revenge".... but still in a sane and somewhat maternal fashion? 

When I have a male submissive over my knee and should I see a growing erection, its as if it triggers something in my brain where I feel both a surge of power (as its my ministrations that created the erection) but also this level of just animalistic "rage"...I guess it could be called.  

There is no tap-tap-tap with the hairbrush or cane. Its almost as if my compassion is out the window and I just want to punish and inflict serious pain. A desire to a sadist would.  :)

Please don't misunderstand. I am still reading his body language and making sure its not over his limitations. Though if I'm punishing a large well built male with a very muscular bottom, I rather doubt I could go beyond his pain threshold. So I beat harder, with a sense of urgency and frustration and that, (here's where its a tad confusing to me) at the same time as intending it to be a "meaningful" punishment session with the intention of teaching a lesson. So, its like "MomDom" melded with "Sexual FemDom" at the same time. 

But either way, there is also the attitude of...this is mine. Possession. I own this submissive in more ways than one. And during those moments, I feel free to beat and punish that fantastic muscular rear end and without remorse, no grace, no holding back, just this repetitive motion with a cadence or almost as it a metronome was in sync with the strokes. 

And seeing those corded muscles in his thighs and back (should he be shirtless) only drives me on with more enthusiasm. Just this manic desire to, not stop.....

I should mention....there is no point to this message.  :)

UK Approaches Orwellian Age Verification Scheme.

What in the blithering hell is going on over there? Its as if every few days I see new articles related to this.  UK Approaches Orwellian Age Verification Scheme

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Is This Right?

Oral sex and Verbiage.

Some people are of the opinion that a good method of performing cunnilingus is to do it while silently pronouncing certain words. "Mississippi-Leather" and things like that. While this is not a guaranteed tried and true scientific we all have our preferences when receiving oral service, but if nothing else I would suggest saying "Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis" as-fast-as-you-can...about 300 times and see how that goes.  :)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Motorbunny Sexual Pleasure Machine Debuts.

                                 Motorbunny, a motorized, ride-on-top vibrator has debuted.

Spanking Horse.

                                                                  Found online.  :)

Sexually submissive for life.

So the beautiful things to me are several parts. For one thing, growing old together and spending a lifetime with each other.....awesome. Yes, I may be a ball-busting bitch, but I am still a romantic at heart. And I want and expect the very same thing for myself.

Another thing relates to the title of this post. Her bliss and his misery. Sounds harsh? Sure...a those that don't quite "get" what may be involved in various aspects of fetish/kink, S&M and/or B&D.

She spends her life getting all the affection, attention and cock and tongue she desires. For some (like yours truly) there is an element of sadism involved. Beyond a variety of corporal punishments (spanking, caning, ball-busting etc.) there is the mental anguish of a teased and denied cuckold. 

His balls are blue while she sucks on the balls of her sexually superior lover. He is anxious about her trysts while she revels in them. She has the attentions of two or more men, while he is largely sexually ignored.

With her sadistic efforts and....glee, at dispensing the same, he on the opposite side gleans his own pleasure. Because some of you submissive guys love being teased, denied, beat on, verbally humiliated and made to lick, suck and clean up all kinds of disgusting things. And others (like my husband) are initially adverse to the whole idea but are eventually trained to do it. Why? Why do you do it?

To assure our sexual satisfaction even if it means you get half as much physical pleasure. Your "mental" sex drive overrides the more base and coarse "physical" sex drive of other men. Sure, some could posit that a "real man" would never allow himself to be denied and mocked and humiliated like this. But the more cerebral of us grasp the inner workings of the main sex organ in human beings is the one between our ears and not our legs. :)

Sexual Empowerment....

She does what she wants without asking you...especially if it comes to sleeping around. You know going into the relationship she fully has dishonorable and sexually sadistic intentions....and you marry her anyway.

Your wife is talking to men she sleeps with about how to "handle you" and vice versa. As in maybe how to dominate and/or humiliate you....and whether or not you have to "handle" his dick....or more......should either demand it.

You both understand that emotional attachment can not be overlooked or minimized, but jumping into bed with superior men can be dealt with. Sexual betrayal is not the same as emotional betrayal.
She enjoys telling you how much fun she has talking to her lover about your (her cuckold husband) humiliation. She likes to discuss if her lover and husband should be friends, knowing this shocks and humiliates you.

You grasp that a cheating wife does not equate a rotten wife. Sexual cruelty does not mean an absence of love. She and her lover enjoy sharing drinks between your and his home......the liquor you paid for and delivered.....and you don't even drink. You had to learn the hard way, that discretion may apply to a hotwife, but a cuckoldress flaunts it and shoves your face in it....literally....and might make you lick it clean. She acknowledges your jealousy, rancor, damaged, wounded and hurt macho pride when she has her sexual dalliances, and does it anyway. Twice as fast and often.

Does she sleep around to "fluff" up a vulnerable ego? No, her affairs are for her sexually greedy pleasure. She has no need to inflate her self esteem and reassure her desirability by fucking other men. Her confidence is secure. Besides, the word "fluffing" might just be reserved for you.
Discussion and honesty between the two of you is paramount, even though it may hurt you, and humiliation wise, especially because it will hurt you.....and create blue balls and lust for her, which she has in an odd way for you, but she'll deny it and make you suffer even more. That's just the way it is in a nice but very kinky "love" story. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The one below is from Prop 60 in California where if it passes, it would mandate condoms on all porn sets. Failure to do so means anyone watching the movie for decades to come, could sue the people that made the movie. This makes sense to the politicians....some how. What's equally stunning is that if you and your husband want to make some "home based" erotica for sale online, small time operation, almost like a hobby, you have to pay $100 just to fuck each other. :) 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fin Domme Bitch.



By the way....All women (and I mean all) are beautiful. :)

                                        Sadly this is probably true....or some variation of it.

I flaunt none of the examples below....and I'm not wearing any pants.

                                                         See? No pants. Just a wedgie.  :)


A Brief and Incredible History of Pornography.