Friday, September 30, 2016


Hmm...I wonder if this is true, lol. :)

                                         Lovebotz ‘iGasm’: Sex Simulator for Both Genders

Spanking Bench - Spanking Horse - Strapping.

While there are many fantastic spanking benches and spanking horses available, most are a large apparatus that is heavy, expensive and occupy a great deal of space. I am now making benches that can be used on a bed. This one has 2 different angles from front to back, which enables the user to have their bottom elevated higher or lower depending on desire. It has 3 inches of foam for comfort on your torso, the covering is a loose slip cover which can be easily removed and is machine washable. The angles allow for near straight down strokes with paddles, straps, belts, canes or whatever is preferred. It obviously can also be used for a variety of other sexual acts. And from a "privacy" standpoint of nosy neighbors or family, one could just say its used to alleviate back pain and is used for stretching purposes. :)

And should you need an authentic old fashioned razor strap to go with it....:)


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Little girl sees a man crying outside of a store.

We are inundated with negative news stories that, while real and tragic, could make one think there is no compassion, hope or good in this world.

Simply not true....and perhaps the younger, less jaded generations (thus far) will do even better.  :)

Gays. Gays. Gays. Gays. Gays.

Love you.  :)

Cuckold Musings....

{Reposted with permission from the author, a guy on Fetlife. He likes to write poems based on photos of mine he sees that motivate his inner...pervert.  He asked me *not* to mention that he has a small inadequate inferior I won't mention that. :)

Bull Sperm Transportation, it can a problem!
Enter Vanessa! She knows how to solve 'em!
Use a small dildo, with a small base!
Wait! Let me back up! I cut to the chase!
First the deposit of Manly Bull Sperm!
Perhaps She'll let Cocky tonight "burp his worm"!
If he cleans Her well! "IF" I will repeat!
When on his face She takes rightful seat!
Damn! Once again, I'm getting ahead!
Deposit not made, I have him half fed!
First soundly fucked! Stretched deep and wide!
A Bull Sperm deposit! Deep, deep, DEEP inside!
Then plugged with a dildo, a small ickle thing!
A smile as She glances at Her wedding ring!
Panties pulled on! Then off to Her car!
Then the drive home! (It isn't too far)
Parks in the driveway, steps through the door!
Shoes, pants, and panties soon lay on the floor!
She then takes a seat on Her Queening Throne!
From cuck below a faint, muffled groan...
His tiny balls cropped! Her orders obeyed!
As into his mouth new deposit is made!
She asks how it tastes! (As She doesn't know...)
His face 'neath Her Pussy, 'neath gravity's flow!
She tells of Her night, She wants him to feel
base degradation, leave wounds that won't heal ...
Wounds to his psyche, wounds to his soul!
Wounds of a humbling, utter and whole!
Taste true defeat, cum pungent and thick...
Bull's job to fuck, cuck's job to lick...

Sunday, September 25, 2016

I Really Like These....

For Obvious Reasons.  :)

Facesitting, Heinrich Lossow (1840–1897).

Royal Fuck Chair....Literally.

Since I have a bit of an interest in the various types of furniture one can use to enhance the myriad of sexual acts some of us kinky/freaky people are into....this caught my eye.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Face Sitting Fetish....

                         How do you know when your becoming an obsession.  :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Gay pride: China activists fight 'conversion therapy'.

Why is that so often in our world....the blithering idiots end up with political power?

For Sale: One Male Submissive. $$$$$$$$$$$

{Some people have no sense of humor. I posted the following on a forum and people started freaking out. Its a could they not see that, lol.}  :)

Good condition overall. Sort of beat up, and beat down. Properly trained and punished for years, not totally emasculated but certainly well used and sans attitude. Covered in welts and bruises, ego deflated, will follow all commands, great with housework, yard maintenance, various projects. Self reliant and cleans up well. I just want an upgrade to start the whole "breaking down" process all over again.
He has all his vaccinations and paperwork in order.
Will accept any reasonable offer.
Will accept cash and/or 3rd party our of state posted dated checks with no ID.
No refunds.
No returns.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

‘Women Atheists Are Genuinely Considered Monsters’.

Hey, we're called whores, bitches or sluts everyday of the week. So being called a Monster, means very little to me. I mean, consider the source. :)

High School Male Complains That Cheerleaders Short Skirts Led to 'Impure' Thoughts.

When I recently saw this news article, I found it quite troublesome. For one thing, too bad. Your religious beliefs or sexual guilt hang-ups are not the problem of women...anywhere. The Taliban and equally evil groups claim women have to be covered, according to their revisionist view of the Koran, to in part not "tempt" men. Apparently any sort of bare flesh, from the nether regions to the ankles, backs of hands and in some cases, even the face and eyes might send men on raping sprees. If the men can't have enough control to not rape a woman based on her exposed flesh or body curves....shoot the men. We have every bit as much a right to live on this planet as males do. We are not possessions, not chattel, not to be owned and out fashion urges and trends are our own business.

For another thing...the school faculty handled this in typical modern day politically correct spineless fashion. For the reasons I mentioned above....and many other reasons as well they should have taken the young lad, called his parents in, and told them to basically STFU. :)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cuckold - Humilation - SPH - Caning - Spanking - Female Domination.

Sometimes I need to do blog posts that are just for the search engines, have to give them "Meta Tag Food" to chew on. This is one of those times. So for the readers...disregard...go outside and play. :) 

And we will end with.....:)