Friday, December 30, 2016

Whipping Meme.

We-Vibe Unite: Uniting Couples in Pleasure.



(Sent by the Poetic Wanker. He said  he was not happy with the finished product. That's probably what his wife says too.)  :)

I feel those big balls now resting on my chin, and think "What the hell? What's happened to me?"  Crotch hairs tickle my closed eyelids, as I have taken the Cock "to the hilt."  I hear Vanessa laughing. That laugh! God! It's what I live for. That and Her orgasms. I live for Her pleasure. And the hell of it is She knows this, selfishly exploits it, and pushes the envelope just a little bit more each time. A slow, often subtle, yet steady progression.  And so my life goes. Taken from the horror of the thought of even touching a man's Cock, to now having a 9-inch, thick Cock fully enveloped by my throat, breathing through my nose. Calm. Through training. Vanessa's careful, deliberate training.  

It's really difficult to describe the taste of Cock, for those not...acquainted with it.  So I won't waste time trying.  I'll just simply say it tastes like flesh.  But flesh like no other.  It tastes like a Man.  There.  I suppose that's the best I can do.   No one has to tell You what a Man tastes like.  You will simply know when you find Yourself with a Cock in your mouth.  You'll say to yourself, "By golly, here stands a Man!"  And "By damn, here kneels a cuckold bitch..."   It is the taste of manhood.  A taste like no other.  Manly.  And while I won't say it's a desired taste for me, it has become an acquired taste.  I won't say I like it, as I don't, but I love the reaction it draws from Vanessa.  Every time.  She says it never gets old, which is bad for me, as I am utterly Her bitch at this point.  A slave to Her pleasure.   And no escape, as near as I can tell.  My happiness is tied to Hers now, indelibly and undeniably.  I know this.  She knows this.  Her LIFE is my life...for life. 

But the taste of a Cock, too, is the taste of humiliation, for a straight guy like me.  Degradation.  It hurts my ego more than anything else I've ever experienced.  There's not even a close second.   Guys are competitive, you see, and it angers me, really, to give another guy the satisfaction that he's beaten me, in his mind.  See, he'll view it as I'm sucking his Cock because he's better than me, which I so totally don't feel that way inside.  But it's a bit hard to argue with him when one's mouth and throat are stuffed full of his 9-inch cock, as -- well, as it makes argument or speaking at all rather difficult!  In the area of his manhood alone is he superior to me.  I respect his Cock, because Vanessa respects it, and derives such unfettered pleasure from it!  And so I lick, suck, and kiss it with a sort of reverence, a silent "thank you," if you will, for pleasuring Her in a way I know I never will.  But back to the ego.  So many emotions felt at the same time.  Hurt.  Anger.  Shame.  Humiliation.  But above it all, surprisingly, is pleasure. 

And here I mean my pleasure.  It is something so real.  Something She can see.  Something that makes Her smile and laugh and grow wet!.  And this just gives me ungodly pleasure.  Just as he can touch Her physically in a place I can never reach, I love to touch Her soul in a place he can never reach.  I want Her to feel pleasure physically, mentally, emotionally, and, yes, almost spiritually.  I kneel at the altar of Her pleasure, and I want Her to see and feel my sacrifice, as a Goddess would, and to feast on it, consume it, and consume me.

As I kneel with this Cock in my mouth, I feel it at such depths.  She uses this Cock to touch me, and I feel, through that fact, the most exquisite pleasure.  I feel Her.  And I very much view it as worship.  I will worship this Cock, and try to make it the most mind-blowing experience for this man whom I despise, and have zero desire to feed the ego of, because I want to touch that place, that Sacred Place in Her soul that She needs me to touch.  To make Her Pleasure complete.

I feel those big balls now resting on my chin.  Crotch hairs tickle my closed eyelids.  I won't open them and look at him.  I won't give him that satisfaction.  Not yet.  Vanessa laughing.  But mostly what I feel is this otherwordly-big cock in my throat.  I can't feel the veins, but know they are there.  Bulging.  I've seen them before.  Many times.  For this is a Cock not unfamiliar to me.  It is one She uses.  Often.  But, oh, how the Cock throbs!  So thick.  I honestly don't know how my throat takes it all.  But it does.  And will take even larger ones, if She so desires.  The Envelope Pusher.  She has trained me for this moment, and She knows I will put all that I have into sucking this Cock to perfection...and completion.  She deserves no less.  Her Pussy...Her Heart, Mind, and Soul deserve no less. 

And I have spent countless hours perfecting my craft.  Starting with a small dildo, under Her direction, and then progressively larger ones, and then real Cocks, progressively larger ones, until there isn't much of anything I can't deepthroat or take in my ass.  But we'll leave my ass for another day (And hopefully She will, too!) 
I've spent hours researching how to deepthroat, and how best to orally pleasure a Man, even researching some gay sites and forums, the thought of which still makes me squirm.  But who better to know, right?  

And so it throbs, it pulses, it LIVES!  And I worship it, as I worship Her, and this pleases Her.  I know this, as I hear her laugh, and now I open my eyes, and look to the side, just a glance and see Her smiling.  God!  That smile!   I'd suck a thousand Cocks not to see Her lose that smile and feel I'm the cause of it!    Eyes closed once more, I feel strong manly hands grabbing me by the hair.  Like I'm his possession, too, or something.  I hate this!  I'll be damned if I'm gonna look up at him!  And I feel that cock now moving in and out of my throat.  After the hilt, the bounds are established.  There are no bounds.   He throatfucks me hard and deep!  Rapaciously.  He thinks he is in control of the situation, never knowing that She is in control, of him, and me.  She is the Switch in the middle.  She loves to be taken by that Cock, while at the same time taking from me.  Like a sweet conduit.  But today She wants me to be taken by that Cock.  So She can watch.  Just for grins, I suppose.  Oh, all right, much deeper than grins.  But it sure as hell does make Her grin! 

I give my ego to Her.  Unreservedly.  His balls slap loudly now on my chin.  I'm going to exact the cum from this man, and I'm going to take it deep into my belly, where it will stay, to be absorbed, to coarse through my veins,  and there won't be a damned thing I can do about it.  It will strip my ego from the largest arteries, to the tiniest capillaries, all the while pulsing through my heart.  He thinks it will mark me as His.  But it marks me as Hers.  And She smiles...

I feel him now approaching orgasm.  Skull fucking.  No concern for me in the least at this point.  Very feral, animal in nature.  Lost in the moment, in His pleasure.   And I feel very animal in nature, or certainly subhuman.  I feel objectified.  Used.  Dirty.  Shame.  And yet such exquisite pleasure.  She is loving this.  She is proud of me, in the sense that once can be proud of a cuckolded bitch.  "Champion cocksucker!  I'll tell you, My bitch has attained perfection!" 
I feel him start to cum now.  I can read him.  Through practice.  Through teaching.  And I take him to the hilt now and hold him there.  This Cock is mine at this point.  I feel it up and down, and side to side.  It's length.  It's breadth.  And I worship it, as I physically feel a bit of what Vanessa must feel inside of Her when it is thusly...engaged.  It is a Cock worthy of Her.  I acknowledge that.  And I want Her to know that I have an appreciation for it.  Silent "thank you"...

I hold it now, buried in my throat, and I clutch it with my throat muscles.  It is so tight.  And yet he breaks free of the hold enough to fuck it some more.  He gasps at the friction.  And now I do look up and meet his eyes.  The way a woman does.  Smiling with my eyes.  A look of "this is mine," and "In this moment, I own you."  And then I bury my nose once more in his crotch hairs, and I smell a Man.  Musky.  Sweaty.  Ancient.  And I hold that beautiful cock now with my throat, and I begin to lick his balls with my tongue, while, at the same time, swallow, swallow, swallowing.  Just the normal swallowing action of the body.  Easy.  Thoughtless.  I take a finger and gently prod at his asshole.  And I swallow.  And I swallow.  And I swallow. 

Though I've not experienced it, I've heard that it is the most wonderful feeling, those ripples of expanding and contracting muscles running up and down the length of the shaft in waves.  And that head.  That beautiful head.  Nine inches?  Hell, it must be down past my Adam's apple! 
And I lick his balls, and tease his asshole, and swallow his enveloped Cock, and I look him squarely in the eyes, and I smile with my eyes, with all that I am, as I know he is mine, and I am Hers.  He will cum now...

He explodes down my throat as he cries out, clutching my hair, jerking it, holding me tight against his crotch.  A Man to the end, to the climax...

Spasms.  Sweet spasms.  STRONG spasms.  Gasp after gasp.  I can't taste his cum, but I feel it.  Hot and thick, oozing down my throat.  I look up until the very the last drop. The faint taste of cum as his cock is slid up my throat and out my mouth.  And now I close my eyes one more in a quite sort of reverence, softly kissing the tip of his Cock, gently squeezing those drained beautiful balls, pinky finger extending back, teasing that tight, hairy asshole. 

As I exact the last spasm from his body, I crawl now to Vanessa's Feet, where I kneel and kiss them.  Face down.  Not looking up.  Not until I am allowed to.  Not worthy. And though my eyes are closed, I know She smiles.  I feel it.  Our souls in long acquaintance.   This is what I live for.  This is my reason for being.  At Her Feet, on my knees, in the shadow of Her smile...

(Sent by the Poetic Wanker. He said he was not happy with the finished product. That's probably what his wife says too.)  :)

Bangladesh Celebrates Annual Blocking of Porn Sites.



She broke her ladder best thing. :)

Virginia Lawmaker Wants Porn Declared A Public Health Hazard.

Ever notice how they will not, because they can not....provide any evidence to support their claims?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Why It Pays to Be Grumpy and Bad Tempered.

Being bad-tempered and pessimistic helps you to earn more, live longer and enjoy a healthier marriage. It’s almost enough to put a smile on the dourest of faces.

Guess I'll live forever. :)

Military-themed restaurant chain with scantily-clad waitresses is ready to take over America.

                                               Why are we (USA) always glorifying war?  

 Its death, maiming kids, destruction, killing, torture, misery.....I don't get it.

Myanmar men may face jail for not marrying pregnant women.

                                          Condoms. Condoms. Condoms....boys and girls.

Poetic Pussy Face Boy....Pounds Pud while Pedantically Pontificating.

Poetic Pussy Face Boy....Pounds Pud while Pedantically Pontificating.

Passing Along a Photo/Message I Sent to My Cuckold Husband.

Because some of you people are REALLY pissing me off......

I'm ordering this stuff in cases now, lol.  :)

Global Vibe Market to Grow More than 15% by 2020.


                   People are growing more perverted by the second...and that's a good thing. :)

It means for some in many places around the world, less oppression. There are still a couple states in the USA that, on the law books, still enforce the amount or type of dildos adult so called "free" people can own. Stunning, simply stunning to me.

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Random Stuff.

Cuckolding and cuckqueaning: the insanely popular fetishes you’ve never heard of.


Casual Sex: Everyone Is Doing It.


Perverted Poetic Punditry.

Perverted Poetry.

Perverted Poet.

Adam & Eve: ‘Open Marriage’ Isn’t for Everyone.


New Year’s Resolution: Have More, Better Sex.

I'm ready. But it has to actually be better...not just more, quality over quantity is important to me. :)

Monday, December 26, 2016

Poetic Works of the Pud Pounding Pervert. :)

(A poem for meditation and reflection. ~selah)
I licked Her ass! I licked it well!
 I licked Her ass, and lived to tell!
 I licked Her ass in haunting dream!
 So very real to me did seem!
 Cum of Bulls licked from Her crack!
 (I was polite! I did not smack!)
 Cum of Bulls from condoms dripping!
 She my manhood soundly stripping!
 At netherhole in dream I kneel!
 Cum of Her Bulls my only meal!
 My sustenance! My only "vittles"!
 (Next time, dammit, I want Skittles!)
 And as I eat She laughs at me!
 Ha ha ha! Hee hee hee hee!
 And tells me where their cocks have been,
 the COCKS of Bulls, the COCKS of Men!
 And how their pleasure I'll not know...
 (See cum from condoms freely flow...)
 My job to fluff and watch and clean...
 Damn that Bitch is some more mean!

A crackdown on "cocky," face up to the fact!
 A face that was squashed! 'Twas left not intact!
 His tongue in Her ass, Her crop on his balls!
 Just one of life's many pitfalls...
 A pitfall for him, a pratfall for Her!
 (Look at the pic. I'm sure you'll concur!)
 A fall of the ass, a rise of the tongue!
 Oh, how he wishes that he were well-hung!
 If only he were, why, She'd let him fuck!
 Alas, he is not, so shit out of luck!
 (No pun I intend by use of word "shit"
 Okay, just perhaps, perhaps just a bit...)
 Humiliation! Her special entree!
 It was for "cocky" quite the long ass day!
 (See what I did there? "Long ass" is a pun!
 Now back to my poem, now back to more fun!)
 He tongued not a little! He tongued -- well, a LOT!
 Face up to the fact, in his Thoughtful Spot...
 Crop on his balls, he tongued with great zeal!
 (A video soon, named "Tongue of Steel!")

Bull Sperm Transportation, it can a problem!
 Enter Vanessa! She knows how to solve 'em!
 Use a small dildo, with a small base!
 Wait! Let me back up! I cut to the chase!
 First the deposit of Manly Bull Sperm!
 Perhaps She'll let Cocky tonight "burp his worm"!
 If he cleans Her well! "IF" I will repeat!
 When on his face She takes rightful seat!
 Damn! Once again, I'm getting ahead!
 Deposit not made, I have him half fed!
 First soundly fucked! Stretched deep and wide!
 A Bull Sperm deposit! Deep, deep, DEEP inside!
 Then plugged with a dildo, a small ickle thing!
 A smile as She glances at Her wedding ring!
 Panties pulled on! Then off to Her car!
 Then the drive home! (It isn't too far)
 Parks in the driveway, steps through the door!
 Shoes, pants, and panties soon lay on the floor!
 She then takes a seat on Her Queening Throne!
 From cuck below a faint, muffled groan...
 His tiny balls cropped! Her orders obeyed!
 As into his mouth new deposit is made!
 She asks how it tastes! (As She doesn't know...)
 His face 'neath Her Pussy, 'neath gravity's flow!
 She tells of Her night, She wants him to feel
 base degradation, leave wounds that won't heal ...
 Wounds to his psyche, wounds to his soul!
 Wounds of a humbling, utter and whole!
 Taste true defeat, cum pungent and thick...
 Bull's job to fuck, cuck's job to lick...

I long to live beneath Her ass!
 I know to some this might seem crass...
 But I don't care, it's my confession!
 I'm tired of all this thought repression!
 I know, I know, it makes no scents!
 Oh, wait, it does! My bad! (I'm tense!)
 With this confession I still fight!
 It makes no sense I meant to write!
 Back to Her ass that's -- well, PERFECTION!
 If there's a flaw escapes detection!
 My cock is tiny. Sad, but true...
 (And that's Confession Number 2)
 I know I'd never measure up
 Her Bulls are Pints! I'm sippy-cup!
 But I've a tongue, a servant's heart!
 So at the bottom I could start!
 Beneath Her ass with upturned face!
 Where I suspect I'd feel my place...
 Feel it to my deepest core...
 "Cuckold bitch," "Ass-licking whore"...
 Terms of -- Well, terms of endearment!
 My tongue forever in arrearment...
 I'd learn to please this muscled ring!
 A dark and dank, though Sacred Thing...
 Yes, it would be my heart's delight
 To live beneath it day and night!
 To follow it where'er it led!
 To lie beside it in the bed,
 my face against it snugly pressed...
 Okay, my secret I've confessed...
 Confession done, I'll move along
 I am The Man of Lesser Dong
 Keep my secret! Tell no soul!
 Tell none the depths of Her CONTROL!
 How with Her ass cheeks pulled apart,
 that She, the Ruler of my heart,
 could tell me to, and know I would,
 to know it would be understood,
 that She her asshole could present,
 with certitude of my consent;
 that hot and sweaty , dirty, clean,
 I'd keep it evermore pristine.
 How, you ask? Why, with my tongue!
 Down here at the lowest rung!
 A place for one of lesser dick!
 Bulls get to fuck! I get to lick!
 ("Dirty Jobs"? Call Mike Rowe?
 Please do not! Oh, HELL no!)
 Cucks "The Lickers", Bulls "The Fuckers"
 My life, my world, down "where the skin puckers"...


O to be Her belly button!
 I'd be a pig! A shameless glutton!
 Feasting with my navel eyes
 on things that woo the souls of guys!
 Things Bewitching; Things Enthralling.
 Voice of Siren sweetly calling...
 Breasts above! Bush below!
 Do I mean George? Oh, hell no!
 I mean Her bush! Her pubes, You see!
 (I'll be right back. I have to pee...)
 Okay, I'm back! Now, where was I?
 Ah, yes, the navel's watchful eye...
 Above? Her Breasts. Below? Her Essence.
 (The latter hairy! Post-pubescence!)
 In the land where navel nests,
 the sweat that trickles 'tween her breasts,
 I'd catch within my navel mouth...
 Don't get me started 'bout down south!
 Where tempting scent caught on the breeze
 would bring me to my navel knees!
 Heaven's scent, that's for sure...
 Raw. Untainted. Feral. Pure.
 I'd serve it with my navel soul!
 To be Her navel, pure delight!
 Heav'nly Scent, Heav'nly Sight...

Grab them by the pussy! Yes, grab them, I say!
 Just how do I grab them? I'll tell you, okay?
 They're slippery dickens, these labia majora!
 And I mean the big ones! Not labia minora!
 We're talkin' YUGE! (or relatively-speaking)
 Okay, I'll move on to the answer you're seeking...
 A method of greeting...well, like a handshake!
 Except it's for women! (Hey, say, is that Drake?
 Sorry. Distracted. The rap star walked buy!)
 Grab them by the pussy, say "Reach for the sky!"
 Okay, I am kidding! That's not what I say!
 I just say, "I'm Donald, call me Donald J.
 Or if you prefer, well, Donald J. Trump!"
 (A wink of the eye, a slap on the rump...)
 Then let the words hang, yes, let the words linger,
 as I grip the labia 'between thumb and forefinger!
 With men it is different, we simply grip hands!
 But I grip the women...well, by their sex glands!
 Well, not their sex glands, their vaginal "lips"!
 (See "slippery dickens" From grasp often slips...)
 "Grab them by the pussy!" Yes, I've coined the phrase!
 (Trademark is pending, could be a few days...)
 Coffee mugs, T-shirts, et cetera, I'll sell!
 "The Art of the Pussy"? A book? Might as well!
 The labia majora! They're slipp'ry as noodles!
 Well, back to campaigning! Adios! Buh-bye! Toodles!

To suck Bulls' cum from Her crotch hair --
 Okay, smartasses, I'm aware
 that some might find the act demeaning!
 And I myself am that way leaning...
 But I'll try not to think of that...
 Does this lace thong make me look fat?
 Okay, I'm sorry, I digress...
 To suck Her crotch hair I'll confess,
 to suck it clean, to suck it well,
 utter heaven, utter hell...
 Heaven 'cause its what She wanted
 Hell because by tastes I'm haunted!
 Between my teeth each crotch hair strained
 of cum from condoms that she's drained!
 Cum that, frankly, tastes like shit!
 And that is not the worst of it --
 Well, "tastes like shit," that isn't right,
 for I have tongued Her asshole (tight),
 and they taste nowhere near the same!
Repulsive is a better name...
Repulsive cum! Yes, that is better...
 And yet I do it to the letter!
 Do it as I'm told to do,
 above Her butterfly tattoo!
 Kiss with lip and lick and suck!
 As She recounts Her every fuck!
Butterfly kisses one might say...
 The worst of it? I'm straight, not gay!

Pole vaulter, true, extraordinaire!
 I keep my balance in the air!
 Impaled by LONG and throbbing cock!
 I hope that after I can walk!
 As my asshole he is drilling!
 My destiny I am fulfilling!
 A destiny designed by Her!
 How it happened is a blur...
 I just know as I sit here bobbing,
 up and down on HUGE cock throbbing,
 that I'm earning Her some bucks,
 as superior cocks She fucks!
Pimped out, tired out, bored out slut!
Stretched out, whored out, worn out butt!
 But not just big cocks! Oh, HELL no!
 I ride them all to earn the dough!
 Big or small, skinny, thick!
 Why, I'll ride any throbbing dick!
 She said I cannot be discerning
 as the bucks for Her I'm earning!
 "For anyone" the words She said!
 "Ride those cocks! Give 'em head!"
 (A brief pause, for meditation and reflection)
 And here I am and there She is!
 Under the table, illicit biz!
 "Under the table," no pun I intended...
 My ass is filled! My knees are bended!
 Bending, bobbing; bobbing, bending!
 List of "dates" seems never-ending!
 On better cocks I ride atop,
 singing "Good Ship Lollipop!"
 Toenails painted, dressed en femme!
 I the candy; Cocks the stem!
 Vanessa Chaland, the name of my Pimp!
 My name is (blank), Her pole vaulting* wimp!
•(Name withheld to protect last vestige of pride...)

His lingual frenulum was cut!
 His tongue can reach far in Her butt!
 Or Her Vagina! Up to Her!
 What ill effects? Does words he slur?
 Or does he lisp? Or does he mumble?
 Does he on "tongue-twisters" stumble?
 No ill effects! Just improved reach!
 So much to learn, so much to teach!
 Vanessa, "Teacher," queened his face!
 Through muffled voice he offered "grace"...
 At least it seemed to that effect...
 His smothered words hard to detect...
 "Grace" that thing said 'fore you eat!
 Whate'er his words, were short and sweet!
 A cry for mercy? Yes, perhaps...
 He wrestled much against the straps
 that bound his wrists against the chair!
 Her Pussy cutting off his air!
 Tongue so long it made Her quiver!
 Felt like he could reach Her liver!
 Could he? Maybe. Likely not.
 But damn sure reached Her "Thoughtful Spot"...

Is it the Mumps? Is it Siamese twins?
 It's so hard to tell where it ends and begins!
 Where is his head? Is it stuck up Her ass?
 Looking for car keys and found a crevasse?
 Or could it be it's stuck in Her vagina?
 And is rumor true She has acute angina?
 Her angina's cute! And so are Her breasts!
 Best ass in the world, to me, I'll confess!
 But back to this puzzle, this troubling pic,
 of "cocky" and this self-proclaimed "hippie chick"...
 I can't solve the puzzle! I shan't even try!
 Ain't known for my brains. I'm a dull, simple guy.
 And no I shan't try to this pose replicate!
 I fear that my head they might not extricate!
 Is it for Her pleasure? Is it for his death?
 Might "cocky" say with his last dying breath:
 "What be the cause of this breathing obstruction?
 By damn it's a Weapon of Ass Destruction!"

(previously titled "Whale Tail")
Like Bible tale from days of old
 Three days a man spent in the hold
 Yes, in the belly of the whale
 I'm sure you've heard of Jonah's tale...
 A different whale tail now I see!
 O me, O my, O mercy me!
 A whale tail formed by G-string cotton!
 Whale tail that's not soon forgotten...
 In this whale I'd spend three days!
 Or better said would spend always...
 Pressed and held betwixt Her cheeks
 for minutes, hours, and days, and weeks,
 and months and years and on and on...
 So strongly there my heart is drawn...
 Already captive in my soul
 to Ass of Beauty, Power, Control...

Drawn toward The Sacred Place
 A conquered cock, an upturned face...
 The conquered cum dump down below
 The taste of sex, Her afterglow...
 As She recounts with full details
 how Bulls succeed in way he fails...
 And laughs at how he'll suck seed, too!
 Her Pussy ever in his view...
 His ONLY view, his LONE concern!
 For chance to fuck it he does yearn...
 Once again by Her denied
 She Possessor of his pride...
 Shamed, debased, and yet he knows
 that he will walk this path again
 Her Essence whispers, draws him in...
 The Core 'round which his life revolves
 His world focused, Hers evolves...

Her velvet sole against my head,
 as down a pathway I am led...
 A pathway leading to enslavement,
 degradation and depravement...
 Trapped in Her bewitching maze
 She looks at me with steadfast gaze
 A playful look, beguiled, amused...
 A look with dominance infused...
 Cat and mouse, the timeless game
 Of course the outcome e'er the same...
 A game that ends in sure defeat,
 a subjugation whole, complete...
 A king deposed, a Queen is crowned,
 a face is pressed into the ground...
 An Emperor devoid of clothes
 A Goddess stands in Vict'ry Pose...

Modest? Yes, always with me...
 Better Men allowed to see...
 Allowed to see and touch and taste
 and feel and know, their Cocks embraced...
 Embraced, enveloped, and caressed...
 Her Greedy Pussy's needs addressed
 To my cock e'er out of reach...
 Much to learn. Much to teach.
 She, The Teacher, teaches place
 On my back with upturned face...
 But not just yet, a privilege earned...
 Lessons taught. Lessons learned.
 Taught to long for just a touch
 For many Men would not seem much
 But I am different, not like "them"
 Tiny cock, dressed en femme
 I learn to take what I can get
 For some this might lead to regret...
 But not to me, my soul is Hers
 Her pleasure what that soul prefers
 Intermingled taste of lovers
 Every drop my tongue recovers...
 The taste of Her unbridled pleasure
 To tongue and soul a priceless treasure...

A fem'nine hand, a cock to tease
 A Mind to bring him to his knees
 A way of seeing, way of knowing
 Through Her veins Her Essence flowing
 Blood is HOT, Mind is calm
 Cock, ALIVE, in Her palm...
 Velvet fingers feel its girth
She'll decide what it is worth!
 Pussy glistens, feels the air
 In his heart a silent prayer...
 Prayer to be by Goddess chosen
 Scent of Heaven sweet, Ambrosian...
 Will She let him enter in
 the Sacred Place of satin skin...
 Of satin petals laced with dew...
 A timeless Place, yet ever new?
 Scales of Judgment in Her Hand
 Measure up or cruelly banned...
 In the balance Her decision
 of approval or derision...

I long to clean Her sweaty Ass
 But know I never will...alas...
 An act to prove my true devotion
 My nimble tongue She'd set in motion...
 A humble act to taste my place,
 to see above Her smiling face...
 Not something I would choose to do...
 Dirty! Sweaty! Dank! Taboo!
 Without Her soul it lacks appeal
 The soul to which I humbly kneel
 Would serve with utter degradation
 Mental bondage and castration...
 Her Asshole's every contour traced
 Is there worse way to be debased?
 Oh, I suspect She's countless ways
 to make this seem beginner phase!
 Can hear Her say (In my mind grinning),
 "Oh, My bitch, you're just beginning!
 In good, not just yet...
 For now just clean the workout sweat
 from My Armpits, Ass, and Feet!
 Do it well, perhaps a treat
 I'll bring You from my date tonight!
 A cum-filled condom knotted tight!"
 And after I had done my duty,
 tonguing clean Her sweat-tinged booty,
 perhaps I'd meet her well-hung date,
 and She would say, "Don't wait up late..."
 as She and Man walked out the door
 and left me kneeling on the floor...
 Then fading footsteps I might hear,
 a car is started, put in gear...
 Then left in silence with my thoughts
 to clean the dishes, clean the pots,
 the toilets, tubs, and other chores
 Fold the clothes and place in drawers...
 No TV time, no tunes allowed
 Just my thoughts...the silence LOUD...
 Thoughts of Her and this hung Guy...
 Later footsteps drawing nigh
 Familiar steps, familiar stride
 The handle turns, She walks inside
 And laughs and smiles, the way She does
 For millionth time I wish I was
 like Her Men, more well-endowed
 A worthy Cock to make Her proud,
 to sate Her needs as Others do...
 A cum-filled condom hangs in view...
 She says that She's too tired for more
 (I don't know what She has in store...)
 The cum is on my pillow poured
 Seed from the Cock by Her adored
 We lie in bed, She speaks of Him
 I feel Her smile in moonlight dim...
 She drifts to sleep with rhythmic breathing
 For millionth time I think of leaving
 Yet know I won't, I never will
 A thought that often brings a chill
 I'm sure I would strike quite the pose
 Her panties' crotch tied 'cross my nose
 On cum-soaked pillow, quiet, resigned
 Alone with my tormented mind...

How does it feel to know that you're Mine
 Below looking up at Me, The Divine
 To know that you shouldn't, yet know that you will
 To feel in your soul a cold icy chill...
 A cold icy chill from cold icy fingers
 When I'm away, my grip on you lingers...
 To know I can make You lick cum and suck cock,
 stick tongue in My Ass, as I cruelly mock
 your wee little pecker, tell you of your betters!
 To know that you'll do it without cuffs or fetters!
 To know that you do, yet don't have a choice
 Your mind is my playground, your ruler My Voice...
 To know unseen shackles inside you are put...
 How does it feel to be underfoot?

Her Pussy his world! 'round Her finger twirled!
 "cocky" the man with no face!
 Okay, he has one, just said that for fun!
 Just looks that way when he's in place!
In place 'neath Her chair, he seems unaware
 of anything else but Her Pussy!
 No, he's not a wimp, like some fairy imp!
 Yes, he is a man, not a wussy!
That's what She finds funny! Much sweeter than money!
 To Her it just never gets old!
 How She takes this man, and try as he can,
 he can't help but do as he's told!
She saw deep inside, what he couldn't hide,
 and now holds his heart in Her hand!
 To see his confusement, it brought Her amusement!
 And now, well, Her wish his command!
And She wishes much! Adds humorous touch!
 Wicked, creative, and vile!
 Shamelessly cruel! Of him makes a fool!
 And does it with laugh and a smile!
Mike's cum's pungent smell, it's funny as hell!
 She laughs as Her cuck chokes it down!
 His taste of defeat, for Her it is sweet!
 Her puppet, Her bitch, and Her clown!
She cums till She's spent, his face bears Her scent!
 And bear it he will through the night!
 Tossing and turning and left only yearning
 all night with his passions to fight!
She wakes, a new day! With legs spread She lay!
 He pleasures Her Pussy once more!
 Well, multiple times! I'm now out of rhymes.
 So kindly please show me the door...

(Previously titled "Parenthetically-Speaking")
From down below he looks above
 (A scene which She has grown to love)
 She sees his eager upturned face
 (His world now such a narrow space)
 A face that looks not past Her rear
 (A rule to which he must adhere)
 (Unless, of course, allowed to do)
 (She calls this his "cuck's eye view")
 Her Ass, Her Pussy, nothing more
 (He's way BEHIND! Who's keeping score!)
 Slave to HER pleasure, that's Her cuck!
 (He oh so seldom gets to fuck...)
 Her Ass, Her Pussy, holes to please
 (She laughs, above, the heartless tease!)
 (Amused at him, his cuckold plight!)
 She starts to leave...(It's Her date night!)
 Then stops to pat his cuckold head
 (Once eager face now one of dread...)

Ball court Yarmouth port.

I sold a few things from my Etsy shop today and an amusing thing happened. One of the partial addresses goes to "Ball Court" and another is "Yarmouth Portland".

Ball court your mouth port. 

Yea, yea....I know, I need to get out more.  :)

The Joys of Queening.

{Reposted from a repost from an unknown website on forum. The original author can contact me for either credit or removal.}

Queening is, basically, the use of the male face, mouth, and nose and tongue, as a substitute for sexual intercourse and masturbation, by the dominant woman. It places the man in the most slavish, subservient position, under the woman's buttocks and crotch. She sits on his face, or has his head trapped between her thighs. The whole event is devoted to her pleasure, her orgasms, and her time schedule. The man's pleasure or pain, satisfaction or frustration, desires or fears are of little importance, if any. 

The woman's clitoris, vulva, labia and vagina demand service. This thrilling, delicious sexual practice has an ancient and traditional history. Ladies of medieval households often had pages, whose sole job was to provide them with mouth, lip and tongue service under their skirts while their husband were absent, thus remaining, technically faithful. Many a young boy had his first lessons in sex with his head under Madame's backside, with her quim vigorously riding his face. Many young girls still virgins, enjoyed orgasms on a male servant's mouths as the earliest sexual experiences. In ancient Chinese courts one long tongued, trained male slave was used by female royalty and court ladies as casually as if they were going to the lavatory. The slave would be summoned, face-fucked then dismissed casually and serenely. In old Japan, brothels would provide male victims for such use by visiting, paying women and girls. Mouth and tongue sexual service to the female genitals is 'cunnilingus' or 'cunnilinctus' literally cunt licking/sucking. 

Queening properly places the woman on top of the male face, using it ruthlessly and selfishly. The lady commands, the man obeys. Having the male slave erect, frustrated and unsatisfied adds to the sadistic pleasures enjoyed by the woman. In ancient Persia, cleverly constructed chairs were known as man face stools with the male face replacing the seat center. Ladies could lift their skirts, sit down, cover the scenario with those skirts, and with gentle rhythmic, firm hip and buttock movements enjoy private little orgasms even when others were present. Old Indian pornographic graffiti depicts scenes like that, with gowned girls, obviously in ecstasy, riding a male face while gazing at an enormous male erection.

In more recent, Western times governesses and nannies have been recorded as teaching their young male charges just how to please their crotches with their tongues. Many a frightened, cowed Georgian or Victorian boy knew intimately the underside of Madame's skirts and felt the vice-like grip of her gartered thighs round his head. Masquerading as a punishment and usually followed or preceded by a whipping, the queening would take place in conditions of discipline and severity. The curt command, the superior, unsmiling demand would be followed by a rustling lifting of black, voluminous skirts, the stripping off of Madame's panties and the heavy, fleshy hot damp descent of her buttocks and crotch onto the boy's face. Heaven help him if Madame did not orgasm satisfactorily. A savage whipping would follow. Even down in the servant's quarters, the youngest male servant would find his head trapped under housemaids' skirts. Cruelty seems to have been part and parcel of queening procedures in olden times. 

'Queening' by definition, requires a dominant, demanding woman and a subservient, obedient man. The woman must be concerned only with her personal pleasure and satisfaction. His mouth, lips, tongue and nose are merely live tools there to pleasure her labia, clitoris, vulva and vaginal passage. He must be trained, if necessary by painful punishment, in the proper use of his facial features. She must gain the maximum delight and orgasmic satisfaction without concerning herself with her victim's possible distress, humiliation and discomfort. He is nothing more than a sexual toy or playing, as of no more importance than her lavatory pan, her sanitary towels, her dildo, her handkerchief, her lavatory paper, her condoms or contraception pills, or her vaginal douche - all quite necessary to her private sexual and private well being, but all useable and disposable. The choice of type of slave is up to her. She may wish to have a wimpish male twit under her backside and quim. She may find more delight in subduing a macho strong male. She may have a cuckolded husband to humiliate, taunt and sit on. She may have developed her talents as a schoolgirl, together with her girlfriends, taking the school wimp into the girls' lavatory and taking turns in squatting on his face. She may have gained experience by dominating a younger brother, riding his face selfishly while their parents were asleep or away from home.

Some women like to have a mouth-dildo attached to their slave's head, sticking up from his open mouth as a rideable accessory. This provides pleasant, full, vaginal passage orgasms, but prevents sucking and licking by the male victim. Other women blindfold their prone slaves, thus deleting any possible visual pleasure they might obtain. A few cruel ladies inevitably urinate on to his face after having orgasmed. Others enjoy demanding mouth service right after enjoying satisfactory adultery with a lover, thus making the victim more humiliated. Most talented queening ladies humiliate, taunt, torment, degrade and tease their victims before and after this enforced cunnilingus.

It is essential that the male slave is more than intimate with those parts of a woman's body which require servicing by his tongue, lips and nose. Kneeling astride his face, with his eyes very close to her cunt, is a pleasant torment. He is able to see and fear each part of her sexual equipment, staring right up into her vaginal passage and memorising her clitoris, labia and vulva. Using her fingers to stretch her labia she is able to insist that he looks and learns. He must also examine her anus ;with respect, in case she decides to have his nose inserted into it. She must teach him the way to kiss, lick and suck her sexually, with particular attention to her clitoris. He must suck and swallow her sex juices. To add a special thrill to her pleasure, she must make him afraid of her. He must be in awe of her. He must adore her. He must give her respect, and recognise her superiority. He must worship her genitals. They are his goddess, his fate, his destiny. His life is less important than a single orgasm enjoyed by her. Riding the male face requires careful, skilful experience, as much as is required in learning to ride a horse. The hip and buttocks movements are the key to success.

The careful placing of the cunt on the mouth or nose is, of course, essential, and might require some wriggling adjustment until the male's service parts are properly positioned. It may be that the lady wishes to have his nose against her anal rose while his mouth serves her quim. She will, of course, be as rough and savage as she wishes at the moment she comes. At that moment she must not care in the least if he suffocates, or chokes. After satisfaction she can relax, still sitting on his face and enjoy a cigarette or a glass of wine. When she dismounts she will casually ignore the fool, dismissing him abruptly, sending him off to continue his housework, followed by taunts and insults. Perhaps she will lend him to the girlfriends! The complete, perfect, mature woman always has two men in her life, one to fuck her normally the other to be queened by her, as her slave. Enjoy yourselves, ladies!

{Reposted from a repost from an unknown website on forum. The original author can contact me for either credit or removal.}

Friday, December 23, 2016

Mom Proofing the House for the Holidays.

I say "Mom", but this applies to any relatives or friends that may gather at your home for the Holiday Festivities, or Festivus...if that's your bent.  :)

I don't have a great deal of company in my home. So on the rare occasions that someone is going to be visiting, I have to scan and check and hide and stash a variety of things. 

You know how it is, you got nipple clamps hanging over the shower rod clipped to some lingerie so they can air dry. 

There is a vibrator on the nightstand, two tubes of lube, and a bong. :) 

You're using a riding crop as a fly swatter (joking, but it made me giggle).

Your TV remote batteries are dead so you're using a cane to push the buttons up and down from your lazy-ass flop-spot on the couch.

An old gag/joke horse sized dildo is being used as a doorstop.  

You have to stash the Queening chairs otherwise "Aunt Ethel" (bless her heart, she's 92, has cataracts and bad knees) will make a beeline for anything that looks like a chair. 

There's so much rope laying around Mom asks if you recently took up mountain climbing.

You got your whips, and hairbrushes and handcuffs scattered everywhere.

You forget that the jewelry you're wearing all has BDSM or Cuckold related symbols.

The blow up doll still has a dildo stuck in its ass, and you're mannequin has recently been branded. (That was a wild night, lol.)

So, pretty much you have to rent a POD storage container just to hide all the sex paraphernalia, and just when you think you've got it all....your Rottweiler comes around the corner with a "Whip me Beat me Fuck me Eat me" pair of printed panties that he grabbed out of the clean laundry basket.
Bring on the spiked Egg Nog.. :)

Little Fluffer Boy.

Bondage Chair - BDSM - Sex Chair - Erotic Furniture



Twas the Night before Christmas Cuckold Poem.

(My husband is out of town again. God, I'm bored. So as we are getting inundated with Christmas.....everything....carols, ads, sales, music, shows etc, I heard part of the original and decided to take a couple moments to rewrite it to suit my Christmas wish list. The fact that one of my lovers names is Nick, made it even more accurate.)

Make me Come ! Twas the night before Christmas, when all through my home Not a cuckold was stirring, not even a moan. My stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that my lover soon would be there.

My cuckold was nestled all snug in his bed, While nightmares of used condoms danced in his head. And me in my ‘slutgear', and having a night cap, Had given up on my Bull, and settled for a long winter’s nap.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my vibrator to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash, Tore open the shutters and began fingering my gash.
The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow, Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below. When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, But my lovers car, coming ever so near.

With a well hung driver, so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it must be Bick Dicked Nick. More rapid than eagles his coursers they came, And he whistled, and shouted, and called out my name!
"Now Hotwife! Now, Cougar! Now, Slut-Chick and Vixen! On, Cock! On, Balls! On ride me to Blitzen! To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall! Now strip away! Disrobe away! Tear away all!"

As dry as an unused pussy is before the wild hurricane fly, Which moistens quickly meet with a hard cock, wit an unzipped fly. So up to the house-top the coursers they flew, With his balls full of superior sperm, and maybe seconds too.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof The grunting and groaning of each massive hoof. As I drew in my head, and was turning around, Down the chimney Big Dicked Nicholas came with a bound. He was dressed all in denim, from his head to his foot, And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot. A bundle of condoms he had flung on his back, And he looked like a perfect Stud, just massaging his erect pack.

His eyes-how they twinkled! his dimples how merry! His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry! His smiling mouth was drawn up like a bow, And the perfect teeth as white as the snow. 
The stump of his cock-pipe he held tight in his hand, And the bit of pre-cum leaking and large balls proved he was a real man. He had broad shoulders and a nice tight belly, That heaved and pulsated, as my knees turned to jelly!

He was erect and primed, and cock sure of himself, And I squirted and moaned when I saw him, in spite of myself! A wink of his eye and a twist of his head, Soon gave me to know I should show him my bed.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, And filled up my pussy, then turned with a jerk. And laying his finger aside of my clit, And giving a nod, he pounded away at my wet slit!
He banged and pounded and fucked away, inside my pussy which was quite splayed, And I was thrilled and coming from finally getting layed. But I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight, "Happy Christmas Vanessa, hope your cuckold enjoys the "extra thick and sticky egg nog" I left him to lick up and to all a great cuckold good-night!" 

(God, I'm bored.) :)

{I wrote this a few years ago and repost if every Christmas because I am wayyyy to lame to write a new one, lol.  :)}


Before I lay me down to sleep,
I pray for a man who's not a creep,
One who's handsome, smart and strong,
One who loves to listen long,
One who thinks before he speaks,
One who'll call, not wait for weeks.
I pray he's rich and self-employed,
And when I spend, won't be annoyed,
Pull out my chair and hold my hand,
Massage my feet and help me stand,
Oh send a king to make me queen.
A man who loves to cook and clean.
I pray this man will love no other.
And relish visits with my mother.....

A MAN'S POEM: I pray for a deaf-mute gymnast nymphomaniac with big tits who owns a bar on a golf course, and loves to send me fishing and drinking. This doesn't rhyme and I don't give a shit.

(Found online, author unknown.)