Friday, October 23, 2020

The Good - The Bad - And the Ugly. :)

Note to reporters and editors...whom will never see this, word selection and the order in which you place them (syntax, not to be confused with "sin tax") means something. The new mayor is the "acting mayor" who happens to be gay. The new mayor is not "gay acting"...or maybe he/she is...but that would not be news worthy. Gay acting means...what? Stereotype? Flouncy? Speaking in falsetto? Snap-Snap Fabulous? Swishy? A Patsy Stone lookalike? Well groomed? Thin and neat? I think the Bears would take issue with that....not to mention the gazillion other males, females, and gender fluid people/persons of all races, origins and types, that don't spend a lot of time or energy on their "gay acting" skills. :)

Doggy Style?  :) 




"Minneapolis comes justly by its reputation-one of the Nation's most beautiful cities" - from a 1905 guide to the city. These four majestic structures - as well as numerous others in the city - were all replaced by parking lots and steel and glass office spaces during the 20th century.

I love old world things. Homes, buildings, architecture, art, literature, fashion, you name it. Old farmsteads are appealing to me, as are old adobe homes, and the old gothic looking brick and stone commercial buildings, churches, monasteries, and so on. Glass and steel are not attractive to me for the most they're boring, just your standard, basic phallic shaped monolithic edifice monument to men's lust and obsession over....their cocks. :)


This is not a political meme.
I the font.  :)


Might want to double check your math there...

This looks...oddly suspicious.  :)


2020 Recap.  


Air Florida 1971.



Verrazano Bridge at Dusk.



Entitled landlord tries to intimidate tenants into voting for Trump. 


Sunday, October 18, 2020

Nondescript Blog Post. :)

Titanic is the most epic and beautiful cuckoldry story of all time. 

Tinder ad.
I just love smartasses.  :)


A baby dolphin getting a lift on his mother's back.

 Selway Crags. Idaho. USA. 


Harrison Ford as a carpenter before he became famous as an actor in 1970.

Growing old together.  :)



A natural bench in an underwater park. 

Abandoned temple in Indonesia.


From a Reddit group called (appropriately) r/insanepeoplefacebook :) 

I love art like this...its real, real life. 
The Waiter, Michele Del Campo, Oil on Canvas, 2015.


 I said I was doing no more political posts. This is not a political post. I just like the...font. 
Yea, that's right...that's my story, and I'm sticking to it! :)

I want this on my sarcophagus. 
Or as a hood ornament.   :)

Look at the last panel closely.  :)

Gotta love all that, "Christian" MAGA charity and compassion. :)

Just no.
The answer to the question of this shirt :)


Thief Doggo Making a Run (Waddle?) for it.


Oh yea!
It all makes sense now.  :)


Things are not always...what they appear to be.