Friday, June 22, 2018

Shop Domination. A picture book story for GG. :)

Because I wrote a post a few days ago about jogging and sweat,
And then I said:
"Reminds me of recently when I was lifting weights in the shop while my cuckold was doing some work. I had him in a spanking apron of sorts (one I made) and was beating him with a strap in between sets. Hot, animalistic, primal....have I told that story yet? Probably just bore you all."
And "GG" implied wanting more details...(grabbing random photos here for effect) accept this in the spirit it is intended.  :)
About 2 weeks ago one warm evening I was in the,
Which on the other side of the shop has some,

And as I make,
In addition to.
For the purposes of,
And additionally make,
But sometimes I don't want to have to,
I combine working out, with the heat and the sweat, with a cuckolds slave manual labor and in between sets I will administer,
Until I get to the point where I want and demand,
The End.  :)


Price of Chastity Cages just went Up....Cocks are Down. :)

As did the price of a can of soup, a can of beer, a car and anything with metal or aluminum in it. And this will spread (and already has) to all other imported products like lumber, plastics, oil, gasoline, some edible items, agricultural products, medicines and everything else. When you start a trade war, when you adopt a hyper-nationalistic and protectionist agenda and apply nonsensical tariffs, you, the end user, the consumer, the person that buys these products will *always* pay the increase in cost.
Trade war and protectionism contributed heavily, massively, "Yugely and Bigly" to the Great Depression. And attacking and disrespecting our allies, while doing the above results in....
Someone call me when we hit peek "MAGA 'Murica Winning" please. 
Signing off as "Bat Bitch".  :)

Americas top Brothel Owner and Pimp...Backed by Evangelicals. :)

"Rofl" actually happens in real life sometimes. This is one of those times. His quote below made me choke with laughter. Not the mention of pathologically lying Trump, we know he's incapable of telling the truth, but about setting aside ones "moral beliefs". Pascals wager with a side order of heresy and charlatanism anyone?    :)

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Its not so Much that I have a Drinking Problem....

Its that my damn sippy straw won't reach the bottom of the wine box.  :)
Just a not so friendly reminder. :) 
Aladdin parks like a jerk.

Pringles chips.
Some people have waaay too much free time.  :)
Wild Medicine Hat Stallion. Badlands SD

Google, Big Tech Lobby Accused Of Killing NY Revenge Porn Bill.

CalExotics Supports Cocks, Not Glocks via Documentary Funding.

This isn't a post about guns...but about the stupidity of the "legality" of dildoes mentioned above.  :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Viva la Fetish!

It appears that increasingly more and more people are not only open minded but kinky as well. Not really a surprise, but as time goes by, people are less judgmental and more willing to accept the fact that we have a sex drive that doesn't want to be hampered of controlled by social mores. I mean people that are sexually progressive generally tend to be more open-minded and more “live and let live” in most other areas of life and society. This is a fantastic change for the better. We need less hardliners and war mongers and fundamentalists which are just dragging the whole world down. A glass of wine or a joint and a few orgasms would calm them the fuck down. 
Some people assume that we are going to regress back to the 1950s as far as rights. They claim they have documentation that show trends and changing attitudes about this. I would seriously consider their survey results with a level of circumspection. Many things I see, hear and read about for the last decade or so indicates otherwise. Long term trends I mean. Sure, right now we have some stuck-in-the-1950s cretins running a few things here and there, but overall, its a brighter looking future for most. If this keeps going this way, soon a slight majority of women may be dominating, humiliating, cuckolding and just generally ruling over their husbands. I could be wrong, but I am after all, just a sex positive humanist...with a Queening chair, a riding crop and greedy sexual impulses, and trying to spread that word and agenda around to other women.  :)
Bye the way, off topic, but I'm in Twitter "jail" again. Send provisions. Some smokes, soap-on-a-rope, contact Martha Stewart for advice cuz she's done "hard time", some beef jerky, an impenetrable chastity belt and some Tacos. Lesbian shower scene at 11:00.  :)


Sure hot sex is great and all but have you ever found a really good pen to write your grocery list with.
(Found online, author unknown.)