Tuesday, October 17, 2017

First Indian fictional movie on BDSM.


Sexbots: Society's friend or foe?


"Come suck my dick" he said.....

"First of all, I'm allergic to shrimp" she replied....:)

John McCain...In His Own Words.

Sexual Objectification....

Can we get that into the Summer Olympics?  :)

The Origins of Sexual Female Domination?

The origins of sexual female domination? This may be a long post so, for those that aren't into hearing my rambling babbling...save yourselves and leave now, lol. 

I am contemplating writing a second fictional novel. With the exception of one, all my other books are real and true and just part of my life so doing those are easy. Personally I think I suck as a writer but my husband is out of town again quite a bit this month so...need something to do to ward of the boredom. My point by mentioning the above is a bit of personal introspection. While writing this and delving into the character, certain...things...become apparent about ones formative years and development, that prompts one to write more dirty, kinky, nasty, Female Domination books, lol. 

So, hypothetical question, lets say I have this "friend" who was raised by a....not very nice father. He did....not very nice things, and as you are all the brightest people on the planet :)....you can figure out the rest. Lets also say this "friend" also was very skinny and scrawny and didn't fit in well with others. Sort of a social misfit, a bit odd, unique, didn't blend in well with the other girls and was tormented by the boys. Tormented by comments over body issues, having not tits, late bloomer, all the usual things that teens may do to bully others.

Lets also say this "friend"...well her first dates didn't go so well. When she finally did eventually develop hips, tits and ass...and all those same asshole bully guys from school suddenly now want to date her, jump her bones, get busy, she enjoyed teasing them, allowing a bit of foreplay, just enough to get their dicks hard...then denying their further advances and leaving them high and dry with blue balls.

Lets say this "friend" eventually realized that doing so sexually excited her in some bizarre way. After some of these dates she'd go home and masturbate or make full use of the shower head with adjustable jets. So, many people "play" around with S/M and B/D and all the other monikers and titles for kink, fetish and so on. Some are hardcore, some are "weekend warriors" about it, and everything in-between, which is fine of course. Different levels of interest and some switch, for some its just a bit of kinky role-play and all that. 

If my "friend" however, had some...animosity towards her father, deep seated, intense, and she has lingering bad memoires of being harassed, taunted, teased and bullied by teenage boys, does her desire to dominate, spank, beat on, tease and deny, cuckold, humiliate....do those urges stem from all that which is mentioned above? Is that good? Bad? If the impetus of her desires to sexually dominate a male stems from this, does that make it more real...because I think it does.  :)