Monday, May 29, 2017

Transgender Gods and Goddesses.

Earlier I was watching a program where part of the topic as on ancient Goddesses in religion, how they were largely erased (in many ways) by the patriarchal theocratic monotheistic structure, and how roughly prior to 2000 years ago women were somewhat viewed as 'defective" men, the fluidity of "gender" in Gods and Goddesses and similar topics.

So, I went to do some searching and reading and am sharing a bit of that here. Obviously its only a "jumping off" point for anyone interested and of course I can not assure the veracity of anything said on any website, but I still found it interesting. Bearing in mind that one persons "myth" is someone else's religion.....:) 

LGBT themes in mythology. 
Transgender Myths To Know. 
Ten Gender Variant Religious Figures. 

Black and White Photography.

I like B&W photos.

With the one below, I just like what she's wearing.

With the last one below....yea...what the hell people?  :)