Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bedside Queening Chair.

This face sitting chair design allows the submissive to lay comfortably face up on the bed, with the chair right over their face. It should adapt to just about any bed and only weighs about 45 pounds.

Face Sitting and Cock Spanking

There is a much longer version but not sure if I ever loaded it?

I was going to write something. But I forgot what it was, so instead you can just...

Lol.  :)


Tuesday, August 22, 2017



Wonder if its going to become popular?


Readers Message.

 (The original message got lost in my Blogger fiasco so I asked to post it. The compliments are far too effusive...but still very much appreciated.)   :)

Vanessa, I've been COMPELLED to confess my rationale for newly falling for my a deep submission or fear of smart sexy women. Are you accepting comments on your blog? They have been posted under as anonymous. Read all your excellent books, thanks! Now I'm not sure to thank you or curse you for uncovering my real persona as a submissive wanting to serve a similar smart sexy women like you. Its powerful and something I never realized until reading your books. 

Vanessa I apologize for the mistake .."Vanessa, I've been COMPELLED to confess my rationale for newly falling for my a deep submission or fear of smart sexy women. "

It should have "Vanessa, I've been COMPELLED to confess my rationale for new submissive feelings. I'm now helpless and fear smart sexy women. 

Thanks for the response. I posted an honest confessional on your blog and would like to begin sharing details of my dysfunctional cheating wife. I don't have the balls to confront her because at this point she would just leave. At the end of the day its your off the chart verbal IQ that is the real factor for people unable to resist your domination and submission.

This is one comment sent to spam. It may have been too long? BTW, my wife doesn't cuckold me she just cheats because she know I don't have the balls to comment. She is 100% right

I’ve been struggling for over a year. Searching for ways to uncover and diminish Vanessa’s controlling power. I find myself helpless defending against her ability to crush my male ego. She creates a physical deep submissive weakness using only her words. I’m helpless and the reason should be obvious to her fans. VANESSA VERBAL IQ IS TOWERS OVER OUR INTELLIGENCE, MULTIPLE STANDARD DEVIATIONS ABOVE OUR INFERIOR IQ. I wish I was wrong, but she crushes our desperate attempts to lessen the impact of her deadly verbal punches.

If her superior intelligence with a scary ability to  bring you to your knees with ego destroying verbal truths.  Well then no man can resist her world class physical beauty. Sounds like an exaggeration then look. I challenge any man not to jerk off after viewing these photos.

YOU’RE DONE, she broke you physical and mentally. She owns you. The best scenario she lets you get underneath to taste lick suck stroke with your tongue her ass and pussy. You better do a good job!
Vanessa we know where to find your books are your or will you start selling clips? We need more.
My situation is becoming so clear now after reading the books and blog. I have many real life marriage experiences that I've tried to hide. But its becoming so clear.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Reader Comments On My Blog.

For some reason, I've not been getting the automated messages from Blogger that usually appear when people leave comments on my blog.

So, I just now found 100s of comments and sifted through them posting those that are relevant...and deleting the spam (I don't personally need to add 2-4 inches to my penis, nor need to borrow money, refinance my home, and I don't want to deposit the $24,000,000 you want me to hold for you in my bank account left to you by your Uncle in Nigeria...but thanks for the offers, lol).

Anyway, my point is to extend an apology to those people that have taken the time to write comments on my posts....only to never see them approved, because as mentioned, I never knew they were even there. I will now check that portion of my blog on a daily basis and again....mea culpa and sorry.  :)

Dept. of Justice Shuts Down Operation Choke Point.


Nine Years In, Still Blocking Porn One Site at a Time.

Giddy up!  :)

Friday, August 18, 2017

Where Is My Male Sex Robot?


^^ What in the blistering living fuck is this? ^^ :)


If men are so smart....

Why do they wear pants with a pointy interlocking metal teeth...right next to their most sensitive organs?   :)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Cock? Photo Shopped Cock? Cock Shopped? :)

I've been staring at these two big dicks for....okay....since last week, lol.  :)