Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cuckolding - Female Domination - Humilation - BBC.

I often come across people on forums who are of the opinion that penis size, female domination, humiliation, BBC, and so forth have nothing to do with cuckoldry. They feel that those are "add on" fetishes and the melding of all of them is simply due to Internet porn and not based on real life. 

I would say this notion is incorrect. A diminutive penis is often (but not always) attached to a like typed body. For some of the same biological reasons that men are attracted to women with "child bearing hips" and ample breasts, is the inborn instinct that she would be able to bear many offspring. This largely applies to most animals as well. So along the same lines, we are attracted (albeit on a sub-conscious level) to men with a healthy body of which a large penis is part. 

Its all about one seeking a mate where they feel their progeny and lineage will be healthy and continue. That applies to both males and females. Males want a female that is healthy and can crank out babies, we want a guy with good genes and health to impregnate us. 

The humiliation aspect enters in as, being mammals, (bipedal, perambulators) males were forever the dominant species and the females were largely viewed as chattel. So when a female copulates/breeds with a male other than her husband or the dominant male (herds, packs, prides etc.) its a threat to his blood line, and to his power. So its humiliating when some horny bitch does that.  :)

If we were all good little subservient wives, un-empowered, without options or voice or the right of self determination, we would not have any "dominance" over our own lives as "females" which is pretty damn much what Female Domination or FemDom is.  

Much of the BBC fetish is a bunch of latently homosexual men buying into an overblown myth about race and penis size. And yes, in my very humble opinion, there is a certain element of racism in it. Some of it is "defiance" of societal norms (though the ages) flouting societal conventions, pissing off Mom and Dad, trying to be edgy....a myriad of reasons why some people want to be "bad" and go slumming for sex, or get fucked on the wrong side of the tracks.

This is of course nonsense because all human beings are the same and parity and equality in all ways is our goal. There is no "bad boy-bad girl" credibility to having sex with a black person unless that person thinks they are somehow superior....and are in ordinary circumstances "above" the one they are sleeping with.  

Bottom line....black people have been fucked over by white people for about 500 years, and this is not an improvement. Rather than being used to entertain white people in the evenings with singing or dancing (as was the case in the slave days) they are now "pimped out", entertaining a comparably speaking small percent of white people by being a sex toy. Interracial sex is fine, the way black men are depicted in most "cuckold porn" and stories is disgusting to me. And about 99% of it is written-filmed-fantasized about and masturbated over....by white males. 

The Internet and porn are not real life....and yet they are. This goes to the age old question, does life imitate art or does art imitate life?

Monday, August 29, 2016

Marchers push for equality with GoTopless Day parade in NYC.

                                                        Good for them and...I'm ready. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Its raining. For my location that's a bit of a rarity. I just love it. What is it about rainy days that change your whole state of mind? The "closed in" feeling due to reduced visibility? Sort of like being on your own little island, isolated, sound is reduced, staying inside, getting that cozy and safe feeling? All know for sure is on days like today I seem to have a heightened sex drive and want to stay home and have sex all day. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Body Shaming.

Body shaming is an odd thing. Certainly in a historical context we have been subjected to it more than men. Part of that stems from ancient times when the "worth" of a female was based on her ability to make the man "look good" from an accomplishment standpoint, and to have child bearing hips for breeding and decent tits for breast feeding. Of course the two latter examples are not based on biology because a "hot chick" could have a barren womb or insufficient milk ducts, not to mention have poor mothering skills on top of that.

Most of my life I was disliked by other women for being one of those "skinny bitches" and with the ever expanding girth of the adipose laden gluteus maximus's of Americans, both female and male, its not any better. People in really decent shape are an anomly these days.

And then within the fetish world there are those that get off on verbal humilation over their..."inadequte appendange endowment" and for some, even other body parts. Some Pro-Dommes have made a fortune off of that alone, and surprisingly to some, there are quite a few women who enjoy the same verbal treatment.

The BBW fetish is huge these days. Thats helped non-porn women some with body acceptance based on size. Good for the ego, not so good for the arteries. Obviously from a longevity and health standpoint it would be better if everyone had a proper body mass index thats unique/right for them. But outside of the health issue...people should just be who they are, love themselves and ignore the critics. :)

Here's a photo of me with my little "poochy" belly sticking out. I get asked quite often when I'm expecting, lol. So what? I'm 5' 5" and about 125 and have been the same most of my adult life. So someone is always going to complain, question or "lend advice"....I just laugh and walk away. 

I only mention this as sometimes I feel inundated with articles, blog posts, social media harassment, diet ads, contouring, liposuction, Botex injections, doesn't anyone else get tired of it and one day just decide....fuck it... I am what and who I am and I'm not going to waste my life trying to live up to other peoples expectations.

A sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult...

Cool! I'm so happy.
Can we still get in?
Are there tickets?
Can we get a seat?

Oh...wait...never mind.
Its just the "good old boys" from Fox News. :)

Is There Only One Way To Submit?

On a social media forum I sometimes visit a submissive gentleman, (frustrated with finding a real life dominant woman) posed the question that if there is a number of ways to dominate a submissive, was it true that there was only way to submit? And further he wondered (in an effort to appeal to a dominant woman) if a sub has wishes and desires should they voice them?

In my opinion, open conversation and the free exchange of ideas and desires is paramount. I don't want some submissive that's a doormat. I mean I already have a doormat. :)

I like bright intelligent people with opinions. I want to know their history, thoughts, hopes, dreams, what they are passionate about, what makes them tick, what excites them...and then I would use that information against them to overpower them and make them submit to me, lol. :)

Be who you are. Just because you're submissive doesn't mean you don't have standards and don't deserve happiness. Refuse to settle for some self proclaimed second rate "Domme" who is not authentic and doesn't have a true interest and passion for this on an emotional....and sexual level.

Stop looking for a "Pre-Made" already-packaged-with-years-of-experience "MomDom" or FemDom or Mistress (whatever it is you seek) and find an open minded kinky woman to learn with, to share, and grow into it together.

Its not like in real life we are sitting at home with a wardrobe full of 1950s pinafores and a sturdy hairbrush aching for someone to take across our knee. Its more of a development and progressive attitude and set of urges that start small and grow as everyone learns more. Sure, some of us have a more natural aptitude for it, but for some others its like a primal beast that has to be unchained. 

I mean we are taught in society to not hit, to be polite, in many cultures to defer to men, (the patriarchal structure) and to be all sweet and giving and to suppress our own desires and urges. For many women (especially prior to the Internet) we don't even know there are guys out there that are willing to be submissive.

What's interesting to me is (and I'm not a fan) the mixed fighting stuff with women. That Ronda Rouse girl and others like her are evidence of what many of us already knew, we are just as willing and capable of being violent, aggressive, sadistic, controlling and a plethora of similarly related "attributes" that may relate to what many think of as ideal in the "sexually dominant female" realm. 

The worst thing someone can do is to just sit at home and run endless ads, answer the few replies they get, and be in competition with about 47 billion other submissive guys. Right down the street, right outside your door, at the market, the gym, walking her dogs, the single mother next door, everywhere are women that have sexual urges and desires that...while they may not match yours exactly, and nor should they, are still open minded and may be even more than you can imagine if you just give them a chance.

View it as something akin to prostitution (Oh yea...I "went there") where single horny women are sitting at home, and guys are at the strip club or picking up hookers, paying for Pro-Dommes, sex chat, or cyber-web-cam-virtual-reality-some-sort-of-app-whatever-the-stupid-fuck.....it makes no sense. :) 

Get your asses off the chair and out the door and stop obsessing over "FemDom" imagery and outlandish sex stories that are not based on reality.... and live your lives.

Or not, what the hell do I care....I just want some decent Tacos, lol. :)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Message To My Cuckold.

The following is what you can expect tomorrow.  You apparently need additional training, since you seem to be forgetting your job, so here's what will be happening.....

Tomorrow, you will be giving me a massage, followed by a tongue bath.  You might want to set aside quite a bit of time for this, as it has been a long time and you will be under me for hours.  Throughout the oral training, I will be punishing your balls for taking the liberty of slacking off lately.  If you take what I dish out like a good boy, I may let you jerk off your little thing in front of me.
The next day's instruction will be given tomorrow, and from now on, you will have one day to prepare for my needs.  I will require something from you almost every day, as I have been indisposed with work projects.

I am disappointed that some of my new Bull candidates haven't written back yet, but soon enough one of them will be fucking my swollen, slutty pussy.  Mr.K surely will, and Mr.J is waiting to hear from me.....I will have to run another ad, telling the world what a let down you were fucking me the other day. 

You are my husband and I love you so much, why must you be so worthless in bed?  Why must I think of Ben or other lovers to get wet at all?  You saw how much I squirted just from mentioning his name, it's a disgrace that you can't do that to me on your own.  Just pathetic.  Well, at least I know I can fuck you once in a while, I'll just have to remember him and how his large cock penetrated me so easily, so deeply, and call out his name, and I can almost feel like I'm fucking him again....except for one "little thing", right?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Penis Size and Cuckoldry.


A great deal is made of cock size. While it is true that many/most women prefer a large penis, this is not the only reason why we may cuckold our husbands.

Premature ejaculators (quick comers), pinheaded dicks that are long but thin, lack of intensity, lack of passion, lack of effort, lack of desire, health problems, impotence, plus many other examples may all be reasons why some women are not satisfied sexually by their husbands.

My husband has an average to above average sized penis. He is a "quick comer" and ejaculates within about 20 seconds once he is fully inside me. Massive disappointment for me, and one that I never let him forget. When I point out that he is an inferior lover, its not due to the size of his equipment (though another inch or two would be fine) its his leaving me hanging and unsatisfied. So I have superior lovers take care of what he can not and I love rubbing his face in it, figuratively and literally.

And while many online stories and themes revolve around penis size, in the real world we may have many reasons for seeking out a lover on the side.

Both sexes can tend to be somewhat shallow, but often we are more so than men. I know most women hate when its said, but the truth is the truth. Compliments, being desired, being sought after boosts the spirits and the ego. Some women enjoy the tease game, some prefer to take the tease all the way. Having another man aroused and being so eager to pound your pussy makes many middle aged bored housewives feel younger and more attractive.

Companionship. Some women who may have been married for 15 years are tired of sitting and watching their husband drift off to sleep every Sunday watching cars going in circles (or men playing with any kind of balls) after a few beers. She simply enjoys the company of other men, especially one who will pay attention to her and make her feel special and desirable. Sure, sex is part of it, but for some just being with an attentive male is enough reason.

Health issues. Some guys as they age lose their ability or desire for sex. Yes, a little blue pill can help some, but others don't want the pill or the pussy. They just don't care about sex anymore.

Not all women who are cuckolding their husbands (in fact, the majority) are running home with a creampie pussy and sitting on their husbands face. In many cases he knows of her dalliances but prefers to turn a blind eye as long as it does not embarrass the family. Some just prefer to be left alone and while he loves her and wants her to be happy, does not want to see, hear, taste, touch, smell or know about any aspect of it. In fact, of the few couples I know personally where she has a lover on the side, the arrangement matches this example rather than what I live and do to my husband and what so many fantasize about.

A lady I've known for quite a few years (but rarely see as she lives an hour away) cuckolds her husband but her main objective is not really even sex. I mean she enjoys the sex but she just loves to go out and he's a homebody. They are about 10 years older than me and he's sort of the typical overweight/slow moving, prefers to sit at home and read and watch TV type and she's the workout freak, well groomed, "Cougar/Milf" type. She just wants to be wined and dined and taken out to parties and dancing. Its not a gold digger thing with her as they are very comfortable financially, she just enjoys the company of men and the night life and sort of views exchanging sex as a trade off for their company. She wins, they win, her husband who can't be bothered wins.

And then of course there are those like yours truly....who just have a high sex drive and get bored easily. I've had lovers that have roughly the same size penis as my husband but I've thoroughly enjoyed them. That intensity, that "first-time-fuck-in-the-back-seat-of-your-parents-car-feeling" as a teenager intensity is what I love. And of course my sadistic nature also loves the before and after of what I put my cuckold husband through. But that's just me being a dominant bitch. :)

Anyhow, just a few personal thoughts........

Spanking Strap.

Old fashioned razor strop...spanking strap, should someone be interested. I got this years ago (maybe 12 or so years) from a dominant woman I knew from a very, very rural area. As I am now using mostly wood implements for discipline sessions....its just collecting dust. Time to have another dominant woman put it to good use, as its got decades worth of punishing bare bottoms left in it.  :)

                                            Curious persons can find all the details right here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Queening Chair.

                              Vanessa Chaland FemDom Studio: http://clips4sale.com/82263

Condoms for Cuckolds.

                                         Some old, some new, some used, some that broke. :)

Move it along people. Nothing to see here.

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