Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Northern Ireland’s First Lesbian Wedding Trans Adult Twitter Directory - Snark. :)

Northern Ireland: first same-sex wedding has. Mrs & Mrs Robyn & Sharni Edwards-Peoples. 



I myself am partial to Neapolitan sex. 

Airborne photo of Egypt. 


Not all Internet searches yield accurate information. 
Shocking....I know. :)



I feel like Ivanka gets murdered on most of her tweets...well deserved. :)


Typical Trump voter mentality.
Don't like the extortionist price of Insulin?
Don't buy it....pussy.  :) 


Cherry blossoms in Tokyo.


Eminem and Elton John at the Oscars. 
Matching homes not related.  :)


Wedding day, circa 1970.


A gorgeous wedding dress with gold work embroidery. 


Stormy sunrise over the Tetons, Wyoming. 


  1. Stu Cameron has it right. The theft has been going on for quite awhile. Not it's the order of the day.


    sissy terri

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Spot on. And yet...voters keep right on electing the very same people that keep doing it to them. It makes no sense. :)

  2. Hello miss Chaland,

    I would support mr. Buttigieg. Since mr. Sanders is over 70, as is the foolish clown in the WH, and the average age of male deaths if 78, they are both 'pushing the envelop' here.

    A president should always live long enough the feel the consequences of his policy.

    Kind regards,

    Marco (from Lindsay)

    1. I would support either or both...should that event avail itself.