Thursday, August 10, 2017



cuck·old  noun  1. the husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision.
verb1. (of a man) make (another man) a cuckold by having a sexual relationship with his wife.
That's what the word means. Everything else is just people adding to it, putting a twist on it, ordering up a side order of some fetishized kink. 
The husband is a cuckold if his wife has sex with other men or a man. Period. It has nothing to do with cock size, what he thinks, whether or not he's there, whether or not he even knows about it. It has nothing to do with whether or not he's white, or black, or wearing panties, or takes it up the butt. His  confidence is not in question, nor his stature, not his income...and it doesn't matter who pays for dinner. 
Cuckoldry exists in the animal kingdom as the extent that some animals are "serial monogamists". No doubt a multitude of the *assumed* progeny and offspring of some men, do not have his DNA, as that sperm was supplied by another male.
Chastity, spanking, fluffing, 24/7 servitude, obeisance, obedience, female domination, male submission, bisexual acts, homosexual acts, and a plethora of other examples....while all a praiseworthy occupation of time and energy (laughs to self) are like the added condiments that go with a....hamburger. 
The *hamburger* is the meat itself. It may or may not come with bread, it may or may not come with some sort of....*special creamy sauce". A pickle you say? Sure...add a pickle or two, just for fun.
French Maid?
Ball and gag?

Sure...add those if you are so inclined....but the only things it takes to make a man into a cuckold are.
1. Wife.
2. Lover.
That's it....and I approve this message.  :)


  1. A public service message from the Vanessa Chaland Center for Cuckoldery :)

  2. My impotent search for a reason to diminish Vanessa is pointless after years of effort. If you don’t know. Vanessa has an off the chart verbal IQ. Her confident and far superior intelligence can crush and control only with her words and voice. Every time it’s an immediate proper submission. I have no verbal defense against a far superior intellect, daunting. For me panic sets in after the inevitable waves of uncontrollable submission.

    Make no doubt about it, you will drop to your knees as Vanessa reveals body perfection. Athletic long runner’s legs, world class model’s derrière and an air of confidence emphasized in her posture and walk. Sensual, erotic and in charge. It’s too late to escape this mind fuck. Your journey begins into a deep submission and unbreakable desire to serve as she needs. Hope you are offered the privilege, Vanessa’s deserved multiple powerful orgasms with your practiced and perfected sucking, licking, massaging, all underneath her superiority. She owns you!!

    Vanessa owns your thoughts and sexual release when and how she can best use you. Why because she is immensely smarter and beautiful. There is no need for Vanessa to yell as her her superior intelligence is wrapped in a strong erotic sensual body. That body cant be ignored by ANY man and immediately weakens its subordinate. She has the power to evoke intense emotions so you perform for her pleasure when needed. If you’re lucky, practiced and skillful she will directly demand your servitude and oral worship.

    She doesn’t need to lock you up. Remember I said it’s that off the chart IQ and beauty that controls you even when she is not there.

    She can have any alpha male she wants and when desired she does. Its easy because her physical beauty is that good! We can only hope to service her MAGICAL pussy. The warmth and intoxicating scent immediately produces dripping precum. Her voice or touch of a leg alone can make you immediately cum . She knows that but why distract your undivided focus on her pleasure.

    The best you can hope for is when she arrives from her well-deserved night out. She allows you to lick and suck Vanessa her freshly alpha cock fucked pussy.

    Vanessa where can we find more of you? I’ve read the books will there be more, blogs, interviews of you or others, advice, clips??

  3. The worst is when a single guy says he's a cuckold because he likes being dominated.

  4. @Anonymous: Thanks for the compliments. I'm sure you are aware that I'm posting clips here on my blog correct? As for my doing more books....yes one day soon. :)