Thursday, June 10, 2021

Deconstructing the Aforementioned Collective Of Chaotic Callipygian Clusterfuckery... :)

Me...pretending I have calf muscles.  :) 


Johnny Showcase.
He's my new..."hero".  :)


Johnny Showcase on AGT. 

A bakery lost a client when it made rainbow Pride cookies.  



"Couple met on FetLife, fell in love, now facing difficulties over porn, secrets, & cuckolding."

Sometimes people are too quick to jump into fetishes or kink. You know how it is, hormones are raging, pussies are pulsating, cocks are..."cockulating". (What?) Take cuckoldry for example, there can be issues and problems. Potential pitfalls? The potential negatives are numerous and can be serious. Being outed and affecting family, careers, STD's, jealousy, pregnancy, divorce, insane lovers, insane lovers ex-girlfriends or wives, and so on.  

But another one that most people never mention is...disappointment. Finding worthy lovers is challenging. Most guys are all talk and no cock. They get scared and don't show up. They get nervous and can't get, or stay, erect. They orgasm too fast. Or, they've watched too much porn and read too many fictional stories and have misguided notions of how things might play out. Some think they're getting a sex slave with me, they are not. I am not submissive to them, or anyone for that matter. Some think my cuckold might be their sex slave, he is not, and would laugh at any man that ordered to serve them. He is *my* submissive, not anyone else's, and he would submit to no man on this planet. Most are out of shape, fat, skinny, sometimes both (if you can imagine that) small or average size dicks, some are not real intelligent, many are chronic liars and on and on. For all the stories, websites, porn, forums that focus on this, far *less* actual cuckolding happens because of those opposed to what some people might think. Its fantastic when it "works" but that is a rarity. Just something to consider as...sometimes fantasy is better than reality.  

Things need to be discussed and boundaries set, with any BDSM relationship. I know some people like to use "contracts" for this, and while they may be fine for some people, I am not a fan of them myself. For me, sex, like life, BDSM, and most things...its all fluid. We have to change, we evolve, we adapt and adopt new methods, ideas, interests, philosophies and I would not want the strictures of some formatted, or preconceived set of rules or a "plan". Spontaneity is a big "thing" for me, and having anything that might stifle that would sort of minimize or "kill" the moment, on the spot, new act or idea, but that's just me, they may work for others. :) 

Check on your family and friends, especially those that are elderly. Doctors in the USA are massively overprescribing hardcore drugs, with no clue what's in them, little to no knowledge of the long term side effects, half the time its simply for profit as they invest heavily in Wall Street Big Pharma, and people are sick and dying because of it. 

Thank God AI is helping to "educate" people online...  :) 


GOP Louie Gohmert asked if Feds can change Earth's - Moon's orbit to fight climate change. 



Want to know why I rarely take nudie photos and/or film homemade porn? Because in order to do it "right" and make it look really good, it requires far too much effort. For example, check out the video below for some porn site...huge amount of money for cameras, lighting, costumes, makeup, then time spent editing, trimming, it would be like...a job. Its far more fun to just "do it" and not have to worry about documenting it. :) 


  1. The idea of changing the Earth's orbit to fight climate change has absolutely captured my imagination. Look at the amount of energy it takes to move a bunch of metal equivalent to an RV into space, then multiply that until you have enough fuel to move the entire planet. Plus building a planet moving propulsion system... It's so insane that it's all I can focus on. The only analogy I can think of would be expecting a regular subway train full of people to convert the train into a working plane, whilst in motion, and hoping that doing so would slow the train down.

    Of course, I would absolutely be in favour of it if it meant I got a longer birthday!

    1. Let me do some steroids and a few more squats...and see what I can do. :)