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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Pant......ties. :)

Fooled you with this one.  :) 


Phone sex....back in the true old school days.  :) 

Me, in my tire swing....when I'm off my diet.  :) 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

PANTS!!!!!! :)


I rip them off so fast....not even a high speed shutter can keep up.  :) 

That's it. Next time I build a tall Queening chair....an escalator is a must. :)


Nepal Cracks Down on Internet Porn, Blocks 25K Websites...And Sundry Smutty Slutty Stuff. :)

Camouflage panties. So you can't see my...."business". 😁


I sense some....Photoshop activity with this photo.  :) 

Trickle Down Covfefe Reaganomics is *really* pulling people out of the poorhouse and...
Wait a minute,
Never mind. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sex Positivity: Womens Health, Wellness and Sexual Pleasure.

Earlier this evening while riding my recumbent bike I watched a couple of "The Big Questions" episodes. Its a program I really enjoy, but truth be told I prefer most BBC shows over just about anything produced by USA companies. "American Exceptionalism" is indeed true, we are certainly Number #1....in poorly written and generic boring trash TV.  :)

Anyway, the discussion was about religion, morals, sex and so on. I'm always stunned by those people that think that consensual sex has anything to do with "morals". For me, morals are about  murder, greed, lying, stealing, rape, abuse and similar actions where there is an actual victim, another person that was somehow grievously injured, an unwilling participant, not something that consenting adults do with their genitals. If someone does not subscribe to the notion of "original sin", which I do not, trying to equate sexual freedom, pleasure, hedonism with "morals" is simply not going to work. 

We human beings have been on this planet in one form or another, through the evolutionary process, for millions of years. There is evidence of people practicing some version of religion since roughly 40,000 BCE. From what I can tell, most anthropologists tend to think monogamy has only been prevalent in our culture for roughly 1000 years...or slightly less long than the invention of the monotheistic religions, where sexual guilt seems to have originated. 

My agenda, ethos, attitude, my company, what I write and espouse is about sex positivity, and I try to  place emphases on women’s health and wellness, as well as sexual pleasure. The shame of sex, slut shaming, restricting women's sexual freedom and reproductive rights, controlling what we wear is so negative and toxic to the heart and soul, not to mention the body and social progress. We should be able to talk openly and freely, similar to news, sports, religion, politics, weather and whatever else as it is part of the the normal human experience. Anyway...rambling rant over. 
Oh and by the way....I'm not wearing pants.   :) 


Saturday, October 13, 2018


If there are 435 Representatives and 100 Senators totaling 535 members of Congress, with 
23 women in the Senate & 84 in the House, totaling 107, subtract 107 from 535 I'm coming up with 428....dicks in Congress, not 426. What am I missing here?