Sunday, May 20, 2018

America is Giving Away the $30 Billion Medical Marijuana Industry.

Its a plant people. Put here by God/Goddess and/or Mother Nature.
Aspirin originated from the bark of Willow trees.
Analgesics are from the opium poppy plant.
I really wish our they Dem or GOP or whatever...would grow the hell up. People are suffering and going bankrupt due to the incredibly corrupt and soulless pharmaceutical industry. Most of the drugs we pay $2000 for (same product, same manufacturer) are sold in other parts of the world for $200...or even $20. We are being robbed and no politician will grow neither spine nor balls and stand up for us because....they all own stocks in, and take campaign donations (also known as bribes) from Big Pharma.  :)

Daily "Thots & Preyers".
(Thot...street slang for "That Ho Over There".)

I'd like to "clean" this hat...with a Golden Shower. :)

Thank God the Wedding is Over.....

I was a live streamed, fairy tale, chick flick...and I prefer reality. :)