Saturday, May 27, 2023

Stop Mocking Masculine Men.


 Sort of beyond tired of people, feminists, the hardcore insane nutty ones (which is starting to seem like it's the majority), some of the trans community and others endlessly slamming men in general, straight males more so. Go fuck yourselves. Men and women are not the same. Men can do things, and have done things, that women can not do. Masculine men, can do things, and have done things, that more effeminate men, can not do. Muscular macho masculine men, can do things, and have done things, that out of shape, or elderly, or those with some physical issues, can not do. That's just reality. That's just a fact. Always has been, always will be. Striving for equal rights between the sexes does not mean we are the same. Equality as per the right to vote, drive, work in some professions and so on, does not mean we are the same...nor should be paid the same, nor lower standards to be inclusive. I can list a plethora of occupations where I want a masculine man to be the one holding the job and not a woman or someone unfit to fulfill those tasks or duties. And the reverse holds true for other examples. My point is...let biology, facts, science, evolution, common sense and reality dictate what decides those details, and not some stupid-ass politically correct nonsensical stupidity. That benefits no one...period.  :) 


When Tough Men Save Lives.

A Female 'Firefighter' Shows Why You'd Want a Man to Rescue You.


(Gotta click the little X on right top speaker icon to get volume. 
Love the "dinner review" in the middle.)

Statue of David. 

Friday, May 26, 2023

Hope Molecules...

 When muscles contract, they secrete chemicals into the bloodstream. Among these chemicals are myokines, which have been referred to as “hope molecules”. These small proteins travel to the brain, cross the blood-brain barrier, and act as an antidepressant.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Tina Turner & Ron Desantis...

                                   Rock and soul icon Tina Turner dead at age 83.

Often referred to as "The Queen of Rock and Roll", Turner is considered one of the greatest singers of all time. She was noted for her "swagger, sensuality, gravelly vocals and unstoppable energy", along with her career longevity and her famous legs.

Rest In Peace Tina. 


 "More than 20 minutes passed beyond the scheduled start time with users getting kicked off, hearing microphone feedback, hold music and other technical problems."

Fuck you Ron Desantis. 


 DeSantis announced his presidential bid today, but his thunder was stolen by the death of a black woman, Tina Turner, who got all the headlines. In other words, she ThunderDomed that little Florida Neanderthal ass. 

Friday, May 19, 2023

Home Movies - Explained.


I am and will be loading home movies here on my blog. Some new, some not so new, some of me using and abusing my submissive, some of my girlfriends using and abusing my submissive while I film the activity, some of both, some from my older websites, some from my current website, some from both, just a mixture of everything from the "archives". There will be no order to them, just random, just whatever, whenever, and all will be titled "Home Movie" in the blog title with a description. So, people can search for them from the little white search box in the upper left top portion of the blog, if they care to. And if anyone does not like this and wants a "refund"...

It's good fucking luck on that...refund.  :) 

Home Movie - Showering...


Thursday, May 18, 2023

What is an Adult?

Whether it's guns, porn, sex, alcohol, trans issues, voting, debt, joining the military, buying cigs...people are always talking about kids versus adults. So, what is the age of an adult? 

The average human being reaches their age of majority (maturation) at approximately age 14 or so. This is determined by biology, and has been for millions of years. Puberty, is when a person becomes an "adult" as in pubic hair, females menstruate, ovulate, grow breasts, etc. and males grow facial hair, their voice changes, they begin the ability to ejaculate, etc...ergo they are adults. This is when nature intended us to engage in philoprogenitive acts, you know, copulation for fecundity. Regarding societies arbitrary ages of "adulthood", those are not based on any logical reason. In some states/nations the age of majority is 15, as in you can drive and get married with parental approval. Other places its older. Yet if they are "adult" enough to do that, according to these dim-witted assertions, why can't they buy homes, guns, cigarettes, alcohol etc. until they are 18 or 21? Why can you go kill or be killed in the military at age 18, but still have to wait 3 more years until you are "mature" enough to buy a drink or smoke? You can drive a tank, fire a gun, fly a plane and kill people, that, in that regard, you are mentally mature enough to do, but not mature enough to have a cocktail and a smoke? 

And when it comes to far right fundamentalists, harping about porn and wanting to protect the children, suddenly, according to them, anyone under the age of 18 is a child. Same goes for sex. More so on the side of a male with a female. People conflate what some would call sex with a minor with an act of pedophilia. Say something about this, get accused of being a pedophile yourself...which I have been on social media, many times. 

Regarding any mentally diminutive and spurious implications that I am pedophilic...go fuck yourself. If some people can't keep up, those vapid, vacuous, cretinous jackanape types...they can go engage in contrarian polemical interlocution with someone more their speed...perhaps a pile of dirt. 

A pedophile is some twisted fuck that is attracted to someone that is prepubescent...not someone that is post puberty. One is not the same as the other. 

Those people need to stop projecting their lack of erudition and matriculation onto others with their fallacious, stupid idiocy. There is this thing known as terminological exactitude...which has always been my point on this puberty teens are *not* children, period. 
Okay, rant over....those sumbitches. :)


This is your reminder to get your ass to the gym. Or to work out at home. Go for a walk, a bike ride, swim, dance, jog, stretch, do some calisthenics, Yoga, Pilates, hike, do some yard work, play with the dogs, a combination of all or some of the above. Exercise makes you feel better, physically and emotionally...and it will make you live's a win/win situation. Plus, if you work out at home you have the option pants!   :) 

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Rochester Kink Society Sucks Donkey Balls!!


Why do I say this? Because they contact and spam every BDSM fetish shop, website, blog and whatever else they can find, begging for money for their stupid fake auction. They do it nonstop, all the time, year after year. The irony is, I have no fucking idea who they are, what they do, nor do I care. Never heard of them beyond this, have nothing to do with them, I live on the other side of the country, I have nothing to do with groups like that, I don't like groups like this, don't like munches, I don't do those sorts of events, find them to be pathetic and clownish. I know of them for one reason only...they spam the fuck out of me and others, begging for money. No class, no style, no integrity, not legit, people should avoid them, donate nothing, assist with nothing...fuck 'em.  

Home Movie - Governess - Paddling - Caning - Thigh Spanking.



Monday, May 15, 2023

And Now...Words From Trump. :)

Trump sends bonkers Mothers Day message, without mentioning the "3 baby mommas" of his 5 kids (and possibly/probably the mothers of some of his unknown kids)....or his own mother.  #MAGA!!!   :)


Wednesday, May 10, 2023

We Still Doing The MAGA 'Murica Covfefe Thing? :)


(Italicized Text Below Found Online)
Trump didn’t lower your taxes. He didn’t get your roads and bridges fixed. He didn’t get you healthcare coverage, lower the price of your prescriptions, decrease the deficit, end the opioid crisis, revive the coal industry, make covid disappear, make Mexico pay for the wall, drain the swamp or Make America First. So when you say he “fought for you’, you mean he validated your hate. 

Trump Supported and Encouraged Sedition.
Trump dodged the draft.

1st POTUS in 28 years not to serve a 2nd term.
1st POTUS in 45 years not to release his tax returns.
1st POTUS in 89 years to lose the presidency, the house and the Senate in a single term.
1st POTUS in 102 years to allow more than a million Americans to die in a single virus outbreak.
1st POTUS in 129 years to lose the populist vote twice.
1st POTUS in 152 years to boycott his successors inauguration.
1st POTUS ever to accuse his predecessor of not being an American.
1st POTUS ever to be elected with the help of a foreign nation.
1st POTUS ever to be impeached twice.
1st POTUS ever to have a member of their own party vote conviction in an impeachment trial.
1st POTUS ever to refuse to concede defeat.
1st POTUS ever to refuse to ensure a peaceful transfer of power.
1st POTUS ever to actively incite a terrorist attack against his own government.
1st POTUS ever to be accused of rape.  
2nd POTUS in history to be charged with a crime (34 felony charges).  
1st POTUS Ulysses S. Grant's crime was speeding in a horse/carriage. He paid a fine.  
Trump is the only person in history who essentially lost four rounds of voting: 
2016 popular vote by 3 million
2018 midterms
2020 general election
*2022 midterms
Trump single-handedly engineered the nomination of second- rate Senate candidates in eminently winnable swing states like Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Georgia. All of them lost, every single one of them.

(In Trumps case, "allegations" pretty much means...facts.) 

Trumpie said during the trail that E. Jean Carrol was "not his type" ergo he would not have molested nor raped her. He also, on video, confused E Jean Carrol with Marla Maples...his former wife. Below: Trump, E. Jean Carroll, John Johnson and Ivana Trump at a 1980's party.

 E. Jean Carroll (above) and Marla Maples (below) could be twin much for his claim that she was not his "type". 


Regarding GOPs rants about the Dems promoting "socialism"...listen up you bloviating confused crankypants...every crotchety old cantankerous curmudgeonly geezer (and there are millions of them) fires up the keyboard and cranks out, what they deem, as some vastly superior polemic on social issues, postulating and pontificating within their manifesto and thinks they did a "favor" to humanity by sharing their "erudite" wisdom with the credulous masses. 

But in reality they are just regurgitating the same old paranoid nonsense that others have done. Those efforts at prophetic doom and gloom predictions has been done in the past...endlessly. And while I give a cursory glance at those rants (albeit perfunctory) and in between giggles I usually see reference to Bernie Sanders and his being a "socialist". News flash, he's a democratic socialist...and so are you. 

Examples of democratic socialism: Public roads, public schools, libraries, beaches, roads, fire and police departments, museums...a long list of which any could be privately owned (capitalist) or "state" owned (socialist/communist/autocratic ruled/Monarchy etc) but ours are owned by the "public" as in our society, within the constructs of...wait for it...brace yourself...democratic socialism.  

Learn the difference between socialism and democratic socialism. There are a myriad of ideologies within the definition of "socialism". It's just a word, it can be used in multiple ways. Smart people know this. Fox News/NewsMax/OAN News watching morons, don't. 

Types of Socialism:
Market socialism
Socialist market economy
Socialist ideologies
Utopian socialism
Leninism and Marxism–Leninism
Council communism and left communism
Collectivist anarchism
Individualist anarchism
Democratic socialism
Social democracy
Green anarchism
Liberal socialism
Ethical socialism
Libertarian socialism
Regional socialism
Arab socialism
Chinese and Vietnamese nationalist socialism
Irish republican socialism
Religious socialism
Buddhist socialism
Christian socialism
Islamic socialism
Abertzale left
Social Security is a "socialist" program: It's a government-run pension system that cuts out private money managers. Medicare, a single-payer, government-run health insurance program for those over 65 is also. Medicaid, for those that are disabled, kids, the VA...all are "socialist" programs. So is the military. Yes, that's right...the armed forces is not a private's owned, run and paid for by tax payers...ergo a form of "socialism". 

Minimum wage, maximum hour and child labor laws that go back more than a century are "socialist" programs, in that the government intervenes in the capitalist market to require employers to meet minimum standards that might not be met in a pure, unregulated “free” market. Agricultural and energy subsidies are likewise socialist programs. There are a myriad of other examples. 

From my perspective, being how I am, these people, mostly "dudes" just need to be more uxorious and perhaps learn a bit more. And they should...go outside, look up at the beautiful sky, see the birds, smell a flower, watch a cloud transform itself as it moves through the sky. Revel in the majestic beauty that is our planet and stop being so depressive about the future. Its going to be fantastic. 

In conclusion...fuck Trump...and socially speaking, in a both social and anti-social and socialistic way...I'm not wearing pants. :)

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Got Tongue?

I never even heard of this. At all. And it was quite an extensive and developed "operation". 

Umm...not sure of the point?   :)


That's it. I'm Committing Myself to the Face Sitting Fanatics Funny Farm of Face Fuckery! I think its possible, that I might, perhaps, just perchance, may well be...out of control. 😵 😬