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Every Queening Chair I Ever Made...

Is not on this list but here are a few of them. I should be arrested for the promotion of "face abuse". Lots of tongues and faces...

Monday, June 24, 2019

Incels (Involuntary Celibates) and other Random Stupidity. :)

From what I can tell, many of the "Incels" are not being denied sex because of their looks or status, as they claim, but rather due to their seriously nasty attitudes and dispositions. I mean, for fucks sake, there is a lot of misguided hate there. They should seriously just go outside and mix amongst the somewhat normal human beings.  :) 



Because....only the tip of the fake penis is "offensive"?  :) 

Nobody ever tells me anything around here damnit!  :)

Yea, I guess. 
I don't understand this one....so someone feel free to explain. 

Water leaking between a wall and the wallpaper?
Or one gigantic filled condom?
I report....you decide.  :) 

Friday, June 21, 2019

UK Age-Verification System Delayed Six Months or More.

Have no fear bat guano crazy pro-censoring Brits...the "stable genius's" that are in charge of this will have it rectified soon....just as soon as they fix that whole little "Brexit' issue.  :) 

This Type Of Porn Is Surprisingly Popular.

How I Feel.... :)

 Okay, so this is how I feel in my head and heart....most days.

And I'd "do" what he does, but I don't have the right hat. 



Plus, I don't sing,
And I don't dance, 
As as we all know, 
I don't wear no....underpants.  :)  



I'm not a social justice warrior. 
More like a social justice...lounger.
I mean I participate, and am active...but only when laying down.  :)

So they tell me...about smoking weed.
I mean I would *not* know, me being a paragon of virtue and all that. :) 


This could be a selfie.  :)

Thursday, June 20, 2019

You Have a Good Soul? I Don't Know...Nor Care...Who You Are.

You male?
You female?
You gay?
You straight?
You Trans?
 You black?
You white?
You Christian?
You Atheist?
You Agnostic?
You Jewish?
You Hindu?

Adopted from Ethiopia by a awesome loving couple, growing up in Australia, talented, humble, gracious and a good soul. Why can't the rest of humanity, the "haters", the persecuting, nasty, small minded, hateful people, why can't they just accept everyone for who and how they/we are? We are all just human beings, born how we are, born where we are, trying to make it through this life.  :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2019