Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Miss Cellaneous (Miscellaneous).

Why you should have women on the design team when doing uniforms for us.


Sexual Female Domination Should Come Easy And Natural.
These Women Are Trying Too Hard. 
Way Too Damn Hard. :)

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Chant Traditionnel Kanak – Node├» Perofeta 
Chant Traditionnel – Psaume de David - Battista Acquaviva
Pink Floyd – Another Brick In the Wall  - Will Barber
Hiba Tawaji  

Nasty Dreams...

Women's 1st World Problems...The Great Yoga Pants - Camel Toe Debacle. :)

Brace yourselves my gentle and faithful (well, not the Hotwives amongst us, giggles to self) readers, for this is the Mother Load of all severely seriously serious issues...
Some lady opined: Why Yoga Pants Are Bad for Women. 
The backlash of pithy Twitter comments were swift and snarky such as:
Okay . 1) I am sure you had your pick of thoughtful opinion pieces for this Sunday’s edition...and this was your choice? 2) Women writing op-eds about other women’s sartorial choices is bad for women 3) You can have my yoga pants when you pry them from my cold dead booty.
This is an article criticizing women for wearing yoga pants to yoga class.
And not to be outdone:
I'm always amazed and amused at the sort of  "Brouhahas" that inflame Westerners on social media...first thing in the morning.  :)

I solved this problem for myself by...not wearing pants.  :)

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Matriarchy Vs. Patriarchy. (Linked Article.)

                                                           Matriarchy Vs. Patriarchy.