Tuesday, November 30, 2021

This is a Blog Post... :)

I was on a forum, and some guy posted the following in the thread. It's so unfortunate that so many people have guilt and shame over sex, alternate sexuality, fetish interests, kink, whatever. Anyway, my reply and thoughts are posted below his. 

*I know its stupid, but i feel like im the kind of cuck who would let it happen for a few months before quietly slipping away and hanging myself in the forest. So why the fuck am i so attracted to it? My guess is self loathing.* 

Might I suggest you try to rectify this train of thought, because this is no good, its not good, it's lacking in goodness.  :)

Societal & religious baggage aside, maybe ask yourself a few questions. 
Is anyone being harmed by this? 
No? Press on.
Is it occuring between consenting adults?
Yes? Press on.
Is everyone using caution, being safe and staying healthy?
Yes? Press on.

You can't live your life according to other people's expectations. You will never fully satisfy all people, and you will never satisfy yourself. Its not your obligation to adhere to some silly nonsensical archaic "rules" that other people conjured up. It's not your duty to live in a manner that does not suit you, and your significant other. The modern day expectations and norms of sex, relationships, marriage and all that are fairly recent, in the grand scheme of things timewise, and many of them are counter to how human beings are designed and how we lived for 100's of 1000's, if not millions of years. Denying our true nature, to the point of people being depressed, loathing themselves, even being suicidal is so, so, so unfortunate and it's a good example of how stupid our society is. Please don't beat yourself down for having normal urges. Yes, sex, normal or kinky, BDSM related including cuckoldry, fetish or whatever...*is* normal to the human species, and in the animal kingdom (of which we are part) regardless of what some clueless twat waffle fuckwits think about it. Sexual anthropologists and a myriad of educated people from multiple disciplines can confirm that, only uneducated uptight sexually repressed people dispute it. Listen to science and facts, not fiction. 
But most importantly, be kind to yourself.  :) 

Interesting shower... :)


Bored? Whenever I'm sitting around doing something, sewing fetish stuff, riding my bike, doing stretches or Pilates, I listen to podcasts. One I've been enjoying lately is Holly Randall (daughter of Suze Randall, she of porn star, nude photograpy fame) who does porn production, interviews porn stars, BDSM chicks, people with those interests. You can search by topic, by name etc. 

Gotta love...problem solvers. 
I'm doing it soon, maybe tomorrow, or the next day, or...lol. :)

This website has some really creative fantastic jewelry, and I'm jealous of their skills. 

David Brooks Looks At 'Terrifying Future' Of U.S. Right At Conservative Conference. 


 David Brooks is an old school Republican Journalist, someone I admire due to his sanity and sensibility, even though I disagree with some issues on policy and whatever, its amazing how the GOP has deteriorated into whackjob Trumpians...compared to people like Brooks. 

Former porn star that managed a successful crossover into various mainstream pursuits. 

The short version is simple, decades of GOP tax cuts for rich people. 

A political-science professor at one of Idaho’s top universities has sparked outrage after openly calling for women to be kept out of engineering, medical school, and law so that they can instead focus on “feminine goals” such as “homemaking and having children.”   

Well fuck me. I keep hearing conservatives bitch about the so called "liberal indoctrination" efforts in colleges...what the hell is wrong with these people?


This is Stormy, the newest member of Alyeska resort's Mountain Safety team. She will spend the next two years training to become a certified avalanche rescue dog. Just imagine being rescued by that sweet little happy face.  :) 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Snipples and Snark. :)

Toes. Calves. Legs. Pussy. No nipples.  :) 

Fall cleaning. Glamour action shot. No nipples. :)

Mucho #MAGA 'Murica!!! :)

I can not believe, we're still hearing about Janet Jacksons nipple. Its a nipple. This happened in 2004. Its been roughly 17 years. Its a nipple. Conservatives are like children, hard to deal with as some are emotionally and intellectually diminutive and repressed. Its like dealing with, dimwitted children. Its a fucking nipple...



I have nipples.  

Men have nipples. 

We all have them.
All of us. 
Grow the fuck up.  :) 



A handy guide... :)


Hey look! They just described Trump and a good part of the GOP! 
Literally. It is a word for word, sentence for sentence, 100% accurate description.  :)

All dogs are the "mostest bestest" cuterist!  :) 



Ass? Yes. But no nipples. :)

The USA ranks #1 in...pretty much nothing anymore. Truly. #MAGA!!! :)

Hey look! They just described Trump and a good part of the GOP! Again. More #MAGA!! :)


Blow job. With nipples.  :)


Amazon making blatantly fake Twitter accounts, ahead of the union vote to discourage workers from unionizing.

Cyber Ninjas CEO is unpaid, in debt and runs a now ruined company as a result of the ridiculous Trump Arizona recount. Good! Fuck him! :)


In 1962, an Italian magazine published a story previewing what the world could look like in 2022.


Side boob. Side ass. No nipples. :) 


This, this is also...a nipple.  :) 

Monday, November 22, 2021

Sex Work: States Weigh “Nordic Model” vs. Decriminalization of Prostitution.

         Sex Work: States Weigh the “Nordic Model” vs. Full Decriminalization of Prostitution.   


Maybe one of these days soon, we can wrest control from the insane fundamentalist idiots and people can live their lives the way adults should be able to...with personal choice, agency and autonomy. One problem with the above article and the agenda against it is relationships between human beings evolve and change. I know some people still attempt to "connect" sex with love and cling to the notion sex should only be between one male and one female, within the confines of a marriage, sanctioned by God and all that. Humans have always had sex, booty calls, mated, hookups, and this was and is based on carnal sexual urges, reproduction desires, security, trade, cash and profit, where being "in love" has nothing to do with it.

This notion that sex and relationships is going to be like it was depicted in the heavily censored era of the 1950s...you know, June Cleaver, is not going to happen. In the future the majority of people might be pansexual and few will feel the desire to wed and stay in one relationship for life. More women use some version of artificial insemination, coupled with the fact that we no longer need males for financial support (in the West mostly thus far) could spell the end of marriage as we know it.

More women make porn for other women which dispels the myth the far right, and some hard core feminists have, that all porn makes men rapists, and the fact that sex workers exist contributes to that. Because they are still not blaming rapists for rape, but rather porn, street walkers, escorts, women in tight jeans, short skirts and just women in general. Some still think the best way to reduce rape is to require women to dress modestly. Rather than blaming prostitutes, porn, short skirts, tight jeans or whatever attire we prefer...how about blaming and arresting the barbarians that rape women?

It's just sex. We all like it. Some more, some less, some like vanilla, some like kink, some don't mind paying for it. As long as its between consenting adults, what we do, who we do it with, what we watch or read...is none of anyone elses business.

On the same topic, why do some people assume because a female has no problem with nudity and has accepted and embraced a love for her body, is somehow automatically an airhead, vapid slut, or a victim? Might this be true in some cases, yes, in most or all cases, no.

When we hear people talk about entrepreneurs, job creators, self starters, women in power, women breaking glass ceilings, women who are empowered and empowering other women, lets look beyond the mainstream corporate world. Most women in the so called sex industry are motivated, ambitious, have business acumen and average or above intelligence. Many enjoy sex, are not ashamed of their bodies, want to run their own lives and not be at the mercy of some husband or boss in the patriarchal business world. Most are honest, make money, support the economy, pay taxes, are charitable and use their resources to help society and to empower other women and act in a benevolent manner...with or without clothes on. Rather than casting aspersions, making disparaging statements, making them criminals and locking them up, lets be supportive of them...and protect them.

Okay, this helps to explain...quite a few things. :)

An intelligence crisis could undermine our problem-solving capacities and dim the prospects of the global economy. People are getting dumber. That's not a judgment; it's a global fact. In a host of leading nations, IQ scores have started to decline. 

The End.  :) 

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Homemade FemDom Porn Movies...


Not sure if this will work, but lets try. The two links *Here* and *Here* should go to two pages with some of my homemade movies posted sometime back and buried in newer posts (scroll up and down to find them). I should post more, but hey, lets be honest, I'm pretty fucking lazy, lol. The only confusion is whether or not doing this will bypass the "Adult Content" warning page from Google/Blogger, and then continue to the actual linked pages. If it works, maybe someone will let me know. 

Just mentioning something about the word "Analogy"? Anal ogy? It's missing a space and the all important "r". The proper spelling is "Anal Orgy". No charge for my "wisdom"...today. :)


I miss seeing human bodies...that look like this. :)

Danuta Danielsson, daughter of Auschwitz survivor, confronting Nazis in Sweden, 1985. Whomever would have thought that Nazi's would make a comeback...in the Republican party in the USA? Good job Trumpie. #MAGA!! :)

 I somewhat dispute these findings. I mean come on, Old Man Trump? Hannity? There are quite a few GOP douchebarges...that would be in the running. Well basically, all of them.  :)

I love smartasses. :)

What? WTF? Dust Motes??? Who the hell wants to read about dust motes with their chick-lit-porn? I mean, I can write "Introvert? Ingress? Extrovert? Egress? Intro/Extro. Intro/Extro. Intro/Extro. Faster and faster he pounded his turgidity into her cavernous tunnel of receptive reception...in a pistoning passionate pace, with pulsating precision." That's not really *quality* porn right, lol? But, nice looking cowboy either way. :)


A Message to Clueless Democrats...from Bill Maher.

Democrats are fucking up...and pissing me off. I can't have a conversation with most of them anymore as they deflect any criticism of Biden, Pelosi, DNC or the party, and revert back to bitching about Trump and the GOP. I bitch about the GOP, but I can still be critical of the Democrats when they earn it. Some prefer getting off track and avoiding anything that is critical of the Dems and can't stand it when someone infuses facts into their rhetoric. Examples...

If someone mentions the war on drugs and what the Dems did with it, most Dems ignore that topic and try to change the subject.

If someone mentions the resolution for the war in Iraq and what the Dems did with it, most Dems ignore that topic and try to change the subject.

If someone mentions the private prisons and what the Dems did with it, most Dems ignore that topic and try to change the subject.

If someone mentions "The second-biggest program in the Democrats' spending plan gives billions to the rich", and what the Dems did with it, most Dems ignore that topic and try to change the subject.

If someone mentions the so called "Patriot Act" and what the Dems did with it, most Dems ignore that topic and try to change the subject.

If someone mentions Obama using drones to kill innocent people, including Americans, without a trail, violating numerous laws, both national and international, plus Habeas Corpus, and what the Dems did with it, most Dems ignore that topic and try to change the subject.

If someone mentions that it was the Dems (so to speak) that were the slave owners and it was the Republicans (so to speak) that freed the slaves and what the Dems did with it, most Dems ignore that topic and try to change the subject.

I could go on for years. I know it confounds the partisan loyalists on the right why Independents won't vote for their candidates, the same way it confounds the partisan loyalists on the left why Independents won't vote for their candidates. For me its simple, I have principals, ethics and actually stand for something, and it is not...a fucking political party.  :) 

I'm pretty sure "Grandpa" has done this before.  :)