Monday, August 13, 2018

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Penis Size and Cuckoldry.


Penis Size and Cuckoldry.
(Probably a repost as things do tend to get buried.) 

A great deal is made of cock size. While it is true that many/most women prefer a large penis, this is not the only reason why we may cuckold our husbands.

Premature ejaculators (quick comers), pinheaded dicks that are long but thin, lack of intensity, lack of passion, lack of effort, lack of desire, health problems, impotence, plus many other examples may all be reasons why some women are not satisfied sexually by their husbands.

My husband has an average to above average sized penis. He is a "quick comer" and ejaculates within about 20 seconds once he is fully inside me. Massive disappointment for me, and one that I never let him forget. When I point out that he is an inferior lover, its not due to the size of his equipment (though another inch or two would be fine) its his leaving me hanging and unsatisfied. So I have superior lovers take care of what he can not and I love rubbing his face in it, figuratively and literally.

And while many online stories and themes revolve around penis size, in the real world we may have many reasons for seeking out a lover on the side.

Both sexes can tend to be somewhat shallow, but often we are more so than men. I know most women hate when its said, but the truth is the truth. Compliments, being desired, being sought after boosts the spirits and the ego. Some women enjoy the tease game, some prefer to take the tease all the way. Having another man aroused and being so eager to pound your pussy makes many middle aged bored housewives feel younger and more attractive.

Companionship. Some women who may have been married for 15 years are tired of sitting and watching their husband drift off to sleep every Sunday watching cars going in circles (or men playing with any kind of balls) after a few beers. She simply enjoys the company of other men, especially one who will pay attention to her and make her feel special and desirable. Sure, sex is part of it, but for some just being with an attentive male is enough reason.

Health issues. Some guys as they age lose their ability or desire for sex. Yes, a little blue pill can help some, but others don't want the pill or the pussy. They just don't care about sex anymore.

Not all women who are cuckolding their husbands (in fact, the majority) are running home with a creampie pussy and sitting on their husbands face. In many cases he knows of her dalliances but prefers to turn a blind eye as long as it does not embarrass the family. Some just prefer to be left alone and while he loves her and wants her to be happy, does not want to see, hear, taste, touch, smell or know about any aspect of it. In fact, of the few couples I know personally where she has a lover on the side, the arrangement matches this example rather than what I live and do to my husband and what so many fantasize about.

A lady I've known for quite a few years (but rarely see as she lives an hour away) cuckolds her husband but her main objective is not really even sex. I mean she enjoys the sex but she just loves to go out and he's a homebody. They are about 10 years older than me and he's sort of the typical overweight/slow moving, prefers to sit at home and read and watch TV type and shes the workout freak, well groomed, "Cougar/Milf" type. She just wants to be wined and dined and taken out to parties and dancing. Its not a gold digger thing with her as they are very comfortable financially, she just enjoys the company of men and the night life and sort of views exchanging sex as a trade off for their company. She wins, they win, her husband who can't be bothered wins.

And then of course there are those like yours truly....who just have a high sex drive and get bored easily. I've had lovers that have roughly the same size penis as my husband but I've thoroughly enjoyed them. That intensity, that "first-time-fuck-in-the-back-seat-of-your-parents-car-feeling" as a teenager intensity is what I love. And of course my sadistic nature also loves the before and after of what I put my cuckold husband through. But that's just me being a dominant bitch. :)

Anyhow, just a few personal thoughts........