Thursday, September 16, 2021

This Blog Not Worth Viewing. :)

Washing machines...still some of the best sex around. I'm told (I don't do laundry. I have a submissive husband. That's a tip Ladies.) if you put clunky tennis shoes in the wash to change the tempo, you might end up with the equivalent of a "Mardi Gras Orgy"...of sorts:)  


The judge presiding over the criminal trial against the former owners of declared a mistrial in the case after federal prosecutors tainted the jury with sensationalist testimony about unfounded child sex trafficking claims while the case was focused on the alleged crime of the facilitation of sex work across state lines.  “The government, as prosecutors, are held to a higher standard,” said US District Judge Susan Brnovich in a statement from the bench this week. “Their goal is not to win at any costs, but their goal is to win by the rules.”

Only country on the planet where this happens...literally the only one. Only Americans are dumb enough to think tax dollars spent on bombs, is better than education and health-care. #MAGA  :)

What? The GOP is a cult? Nonense!  :)

One "pro" of working remotely?
No MotherFucking Pants!!  :) 

Nipple Break!

Now then...back to our regularly scheduled stupidity.  :) 

On that note, women over 39 rejoiced...while Mathematicians & English teachers cried. :)


Eye of the Earth, Croatia. 
A natural thing of beauty. 

Smartasses...also a thing of "beauty".  :)


Great artistic talent and great concept, but way too busy and complicated for real life. :)   

I thought it was the...Coccyx. :)

This increase in Incel's...anyone confused why its happening?   :)


Bull Riding?
Or "Unintentional" Butt Sex?  :)

I warned you there was nothing worth viewing in this blog post.
But did you listen? 
Of course not.  :)

Monday, September 13, 2021

Cocks and Sex and...Stuff. :)

Not sure why this is called the "White Males Penis" chart. There is no major discernible difference between races according to numerous studies. You'd think this would be clear by now. I doubt man has studied anything more in the history of the world, than their cocks.  :)  



I think...this might become my new life plan.  
Fuck it...just Retreat.  :) 

From a Craft Fair. Love her attitude. :) 

Jennifer Lopez. 52 years old. 2021 VMA's.

Madonna. 63 years old. 2021 VMA's.

Everybody's jumping in on the BDSM "look".

Rainbow colored grasshopper. Nature is simply amazing.

One, very happy Puppy.  :) 


The serene beauty of Lac Du Charpal, France.


What is now the fully developed Las Vegas strip, 1955.

Good for her.  :)

Also...good for her.  :)


In the (unlikely) event you need to defuse a naval mine from WW2 you go. :)


This is just an amazing, stupendous, mindboggling amount of effort. 
As in...perhaps months and months, to set all this up.