Monday, October 11, 2021

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I'm sensing some....sexual aggression. :)

Details people...its all about very specific...details. :)


I like to study ancient cultures and found the Harappan people particularly interesting. They were noted for no war, equality between the sexes, they spent their "money" and effort on urban planning, baked brick houses, elaborate drainage and water supply systems, clusters of large non-residential buildings, and new techniques in handicraft and metallurgy. Their large cities likely grew to 30,000 and 60,000 individuals, and the civilisation itself may have been between one and five million people. 

Some people, some of us, have been screaming warnings about this for years, for decades really. Call it kleptocracy, oligarchy, whatever, and it's not something that could happen in the future...its here. It's now. Here's what's both amusing and tragic about this...people that think they're "owning the libs", yea, you have fucked yourselves. Its hard to undo something once its in place. Sometimes almost impossible. So as we've seen the last few decades, more and more wealth and power has become concentrated into the hands of less and less people...meaning the now so called 1%. have less clout, less money in purchasing power, your vote means less, your voice means less, your opinion means less. You have less power. You have less control. You have less agency, less free will, less rights, less of just about everything...except for debt. You are owned. You are owned by the 1% who owns the majority of big business, land, property, residential, commercial, famland, beachfront, forest land, the ability to lobby, the ability in enact change, the right of self determination. You didn't "own" allowed a few others to own, not only more of you, but more of your kids and grandchildrens future, their happiness, health, ability to be self reliant, they are owned.

About 240 years ago there was a war between a bunch of immigrants and descendants of immigrants, poor people, hard working, well intended in some/most ways, later to be known as the founding fathers, and a rich dictator dickhead King fuck from England. Immediately prior to this conflict, these people were tired of being controlled as they were, and they declared a desire to be independant from said rich fuck who owned them and their lives. Might have heard of this. It was written down. It's called the Declaration of Independence. From that came a revolution. After that, for about 220 years, people lived and worked and struggled to never again end up where one person, or one family, or a few rich people, had so much control over their lives. Then came...the modern day GOP, Raygun, Bush X2, Trump, and within a few years, thanks to their lies, and their followers credulity, apathy, misguided sense of patriotism, plus some childish propaganda by Fox News, Limbaugh and others of their ilk and BOOM!! what people fought for and tried to create over 240-ish going, going, going, almost gone. Well done. Bravo! MAGA!!! :)


When Misogyny met Misandry...on the back of a tractor, out in a wheat field, or out back behind the barn? :)


"The naked flesh, like the pastiest of all whites, as in an improperly grilled cheese sandwich, white bread, new, yet soggy, where they failed to sift the unleavened refined white flour, failed to excite me as I undressed in front of the broken oven." Yeah! I'm aroused, lol. :)

I love this house. 


Safe Animal Crossing "Freeway".

A map of reported UFO sightings over a 115 years. 
Thereby proving...Americans are fucking nuts. :)

 "Hips Don't Lie".  :)


  1. WC here


    Amen sister

  2. Thanks for the heads-up about the Harappan people, they sound very interesting and must look into their history.


    p.s. if you look again at the UFO map you'll see the UK is mostly nuts too. That map can explain a lot in recent politics :(

    1. Glad you enjoyed the information...and yes, the UK does have some lunatics...but they pale in comparison to us. :)

    2. Could it not be that the English and Welsh are simply the most observant people on the planet?

      Writers should start describing people the same way the police do, in order to avoid causing any offence. For example: "She lowered her top, and the light from the fire danced over her bare IC1 female breasts."

      Great photo of a gorgeous ass! Nice diatribe too, though I wish it were untrue! VC for Prez!

    3. Observant? Or bat guano crazy. Probably :)

    4. I'm not crazy enough to let the authorities know if I spotted a flying saucer - I'd be too busy trying to catch a ride!

      I did have an alien named Arnold who would write me letters as a kid, it was super exciting until some kid in my class pointed out it was probably my mum using a green felt tip pen! The next alien that makes contact with me I'm keeping to myself!

    5. Let me tell you something delusional not only should keep future alien contacts to yourself, you should have kept this whole fucking message to yourself! :)

    6. You're probably right, but it's not like there's a "Don't Comment" button!

    7. There "sort" of is...on your blog. I mean, I comment, you "maybe" approve the message, within a week, or a year. :)

    8. Hey, I ALWAYS approve your comments... eventually! Think how envious the legions of would-be commenters I turn down must be of you!

    9. I do feel honored, in an honoring, honorably honorefic manner. :)

  3. Here in Kenya we see UFOs all the time. The ETs like to safari like everyone else and they keep mostly to themselves. Why should we report them, and to whom?

    Love your site, Vanessa, and your naked bottom.


  4. But of course they come there...I mean vacation, Sex Safaris, who can blame them? Thanks for the compliment Nyongi. :)