Friday, February 14, 2020

Hot - Sweaty Oiled Up Naked Ass - Sarcastic Memes. :)

Hey...I didn't say the Hot - Sweaty - Oiled Up Ass was mine. :)

Okay, this is close to the above photo, but I have to say..."He wore it better"!  :) 



Her wall clock is...upside down. 


Gotta hand it to Trump for one thing....he is consistent.
As in he consistently lies. 
"Best Economy Ever" on one day.
Need to cut spending due to "Serious Economic Conditions" the next day.
Literally, the next fucking day.



Supplant Rabbits with just described the typical day of a Fox News troll. :)



This is a "Blanket Octopus". Blanket octopus pairs are some of the undersea world's oddest couples with startling size difference: Males are about the size of a walnut—less than an inch long—females can reach a whopping six feet long and weigh up to 40,000 times more than males. No one can accuse "her" of being a...'Size Queen" right?  :) 

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