Thursday, January 13, 2022

The Papal Post? :)

I have insomnia. So, I sit here reading. Why am I reading so many Pope related articles? I have no idea. I am not conventionally religious by anyones standards, however I am fascinated with religions in general, both modern day versions, and the ancient ones. So, what's up with the two photos? They are screenshots from a little home video that had a sort of "Penance/Nun" sort of theme.  :) 





Human rights activist arrested for ‘insulting religious beliefs’ in Poland after police find posters of LGBTQ rainbow-Virgin Mary.  

Bans Terms Like ‘Grandfathered’ and ‘Tone Deaf’

According to the Inclusive IT Language Guide, as opposed to “he” or “she,” “they” or “them” should be used. Instead of “his” or “her,” “their” should be utilized. “Guys” or “gals” shouldn’t be used, rather “folks,” “team,” or “y’all.” As opposed to “chairman,” “chair,” “moderator,” or “chairperson” should be used. Instead of “man” or “mankind,” “humanity,” “people,” “humankind” should be used.

Okay, tell “he” “she,” “they” “them”, “his” “her,” “their”, “Guys” “gals” “folks,” “team,” “y’all” and “chairman,” “chair,” “moderator,” “chairperson” “man” “mankind,” “humanity,” “people,” “humankind”....that I said they can ALL go....fuck themselves!  :) 

Aside from the sheer cultiness of this, it makes me laugh knowing that at any stage of his life, Donald Trump couldn’t last a single day in the military.


After the party, they went back to his hotel. They smoked weed for a bit, and he asked if she wanted to have sex.They started with a bit of foreplay. He rubbed and sucked her titties for a bit. He then went to the bathroom and came out with a condom on. He mostly hit it from the back and eventually came inside the condom. Immediately after, he went back to the bathroom to dispose of it. She fished the condom out of the trash, untied it, and put the opening end into her vagina. Boy, was she in for a suprise! She said it felt like pouring hot lava into her pussy. She screamed, and Drake ran into the bathroom. He admitted that he poured a packet of hot sauce in the condom to kill the sperm. Now the Instagram model is threatening to sue Drake. 

She thought she was going to get pregnant on the sly, do a DNA test, pressure the Drake guy into a fast wedding, get a bling-ring...instead, she's got a smoking hot burning pussy, no impregnation, and now she's humiliated and really, really fucking pissed.  :) 


  1. Just goes to show: Do not fuck with the kids from Degrassi!

    I just read about a woman who was fired from her job for not buying a gift for her Secret Santa recipient after he said he wasn't really a Christian - she accused him of profiting off the holiday, though he bought a gift for the person he picked! If all religion were just compassion I would be so for it, but it's all so ugly and corrupted.

    I think you mainly like the Pope because he never wears pants! ✌

    1. I saw that story. This just in...the World is Fucking Nuts! And yes, the Pontificating Papal Pope is Pantsless...ergo he is my hero. :)

  2. Here in Canada we've recently discovered buried bones at Residential Schools. The various churches have all accepted guilt for their part in the harm done with the notable exception of the Catholic church. They the only church to have refused to do so. They realize that the economic cost of doing so would be astronomical, so they just don't do it (various churches sent people out to Reserves to physically take the children to the schools). It's awful when you realize that your heroes are not all they were made out to be.:(

    1. I've been seeing those headlines. What a disgusting and tragic occurrence.