Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Postulating Bloviating Rambling Babblement. :)


South Dakota Supermoon. 
Photo Credit to Aaron Groen.


Simple reminder when walking pets or barefoot kids outside, on a hot summer day. 

Sign posted at a community ball field. Kingsville, ON.

Megan Thee Stallion.
Love this dress.  :)


Map of US states that pays more tax than what they receive from the government.

Lady Gaga...profiling some amazing shoes.  :) 


No idea who she is...but Oh My God she has fantastic legs and ass.   

High-resolution pic of the "Pillars of Creation".


Yea, the meme below, allow me to remind people, I did *not* vote for Biden (nor *any* Clinton), am not aligned with any political party, so spare me any left/right paradigm partisan rhetoric. :)

Can...anyone guess the decade?  
I mean, its pretty obvious.  :) 


The US is the "Evil Empire"? 

How super rich guy propaganda works...

We now pause...for an incoherent message from Donald J. Trump.
Cue up the "Hail to the Chief" music (meaning Benny Hill Theme music).  :)

"The county has, for whatever reason, also refused to produce the network routers. We want the routers, Sonny, Wendy, we got to get those routers, please. The routers. Come on, Kelly, we can get those routers. Those routers. You know what? We're so beyond the routers, there's so many fraudulent votes without the routers. But if you got those routers, what that will show, and they don't want to give up the routers. They don't want to give them. They are fighting like hell. Why are these commissioners fighting not to give the routers?"

Annnddd...back to our regularly scheduled sane and rational posting.  :) 

Making art into reality. 

Pre-Owned you say? 


Back from a long trip?
This could be me...any damn day.  :)


  1. WC here

    You should have voted for Biden and Hillary.

    Why did people have Hillary so much?

    We could have been spared trump

    1. Her support for Capital Punishment, the War on Drugs, the invasion of Iraq, numerous reasons along those lines, decades of reasons based on her agenda that I strongly disagree with. :)

    2. OK

      I agree with those reasons and more

      But it’s a binary choice here in the US

      I think Hillary is so hated is cause she was the first uppey First Lady. As a lawyer I always knew that female jurors judge other ladies very harshly.

    3. Its true that it is currently a binary choice, but the only way to change that is, to change that. This means voting for 3rd party candidates, until (if and when) they reach the threshold where they get the benefits of matching funds, the perks from TV ads, and all the other "things" where maybe, perhaps, someone can start to break the stranglehold the 2 parties have on the throats of the US voters. I mean, multiple other countries have multiple parties, and while they still have issues, at least, to some extent, the politicians don't take them and their vote for granted...as much as they do here. Far fetched? Perhaps. But if we don't make that effort, 20 years from now, 200 years from now, it will be the same old nonsense.

      On a personal level, my dislike for Hillary is her lifetime of skirting law, pushing ethics, breaking the law, being arrogant, her hubris, and in many cases, her agenda. I'd love to see a female POTUS in my lifetime, but I'm not voting for *anyone* just because of their genitalia, race, orientation, creed, religion etc. I want to fully and enthusiastically *support* a candidate, not just look at them as *possibly* the lesser of two evils. :)

    4. WC here

      Who do you think is going to give a 3rd party equal rights?:)!

      Certainly not the republicans

      They don’t even think democrats should be able to vote

      Certainly not Democrats

      Why would they vote to further erode their slim majority ?


      Third parties are not happening anytime soon here in the US

      So it is a binary choice for the present


      When exactly did Hillary break the law?

      Bill was a serial womanizer but aside from lies to Hillary (perjury) he was not convicted of any other crime

      Until Citizens United is over turned no third party has a chance

      With the current Supreme Court…..

      That will not change for 40 years

      So it is a binary choice for the next couple of decades

      Plus no democratic is getting elected if these new republican laws stand

      So just stick to your views

      Cause it guarantees 20 years of a right wing religion ruling our country

    5. Hillary's first ethics violation was during the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry into Watergate, and she's ran with that same attitude ever since. Sort of "above the law" so to speak. Endless. I'm not going to rehash what is well documented fact.

      No party is going to "give" away power, it has to be taken. 3rd party candidates *have* won electoral votes in the past, and can and will do better in the future. I'm taking the long view.

      As to the binary choice, roll with it. I will not. I am not loyal to a "party". I've voted Dems, GOP, 3rd party, and will do so in the future. If it comes down to right wing rule for 20 years, dependent on *my* voting for a Hillary or Biden, both of whom supported Bush lies and invasion of Iraq, resulting in the deaths of over 1 million innocent people, fine with me. The same applies to the US's 50 year failed war on drugs, resulting in millions of people rotting in gulags for decades...over the possession of plants. Those actions, the gutless sutpidity of those that supported those agenda's, mean something to me. For me, it means they have questionable judgment, spines, little support for freedom and rights. I have never voted for a Clinton, never will, I did not vote for Biden, never will. The people and parties I support are...the people and parties I want to support, and no one, not one single person, is going to change my mind based on their fluffy view of a binary system, their confusion over Citizens United, the roll of SCOTUS in this and other confused notions. Disappointed in you WC, you're lacking knowledge and facts here, and sounding like a brainwashed Cable TV "news" viewer.

    6. WC here


      Now that’s a proper rant!


      She was a rookie lawyer at the time!

      She had nothing to do with Watergate LOL

      I still think you are a libertarian Rand Paul sort of girl!

      But to each their own

      Don’t underestimate the power of money in politics…

    7. Hillary's first ethics scandal was while she was a rookie lawyer...working on briefs for Watergate. Its well documented.

      Look WC, I seem to have touched a nerve here, never knew you were such a Hillary fan. Fine. Let me ask you this, what has Hillary done in her, roughly 50 year career...for *you* or for the *people*?

      Yes, she's had a fabulous life, a great career, married Bill, was 1st Lady of Arkansas, for 12 years, living off tax payer funds, then she was 1st Lady of the USA, for 8 years, living off tax payer funds, then she carpetbagged her way to NY, was Senator for 8 years, living off of tax payer funds, then was the Sec. of State for 4 years, living off tax payer funds. So for a total of 32 years, she lived off of tax payers money. And she has lifetime Secret Service protection. Plus, she flew around the world on Air Force One, military Lear Jets for decades. She's cost the US tax payers...100s of millions of dollars.

      Fine right? Wrong. What did you, or we get for that? *She* has had a fantastic career and rise to stardom, no doubt about that. What major policy or legislative laws did she sponsor that improved the lives of millions of US citizens? None. Nothing. Sure, she signed on the dotted line, did all the library openings, did the tours, had the dignitaries over for dinner (which tax payers paid for) and did all the usual things, that every other First Lady, member of Congress and Sec of State do. A herd of monkeys could accomplish those same tasks. They're all for show, for PR, for hype, for ad campaigns. But what did she actually *do* to improve the lives of millions of Americans, and billions of people around the world? Nothing. In fact, her lack of judgment, her perfidious agendas, her lack of moral fiber, her catering to those that might further advance her career, has made things far WORSE for the aforementioned millions and billions. So yes, she's made a good life for herself, and she made millions, tens, if not hundreds of millions selling books, being a corporate lawyer for Wal-Mart and other large nasty corporations, but, and this is the crucial point...what positive, beneficial, benevolent and altruistic things has she done for *the people* nationally and internationally? Pretty much zilch.

      I don't hate Hillary. I just find her to be, from a "public service" standpoint, as useless as the majority of the other self promoting, self aggrandizing, narcissistic, egotistic, arrogant, greedy, hubristic politicians out there. And for those reasons, plus what I mentioned above, I have not, would not, will not vote for her, or anyone where similar "attributes" and pedigrees apply...ever. Now then, cheer up, have a nice weekend...and vote for whomever you like, just as I will do. :)

    8. WC here


      That was a serious reply that deserves time for me to consider

      But my initial reaction is

      Biden’s been on the Federal payroll for 50 years

      Personally I like experience

      Will give you a serious response soon

    9. Yeppers...and Biden was the author of the crime bill that incarcerated more people than any other nation on the planet, wussed out on gay marriage rights for years, and is a war monger. So, from my perspective, that "experience" isn't worth a rusty old broken vibrator. :)

    10. LOL. Why do you own any rusty vibratos?


      I agree with you that Biden has made some bad choices

      So have I

      But I am better for them


    11. I don't own any...that's the point. :)

  2. Fabulous dress, great shoes and a terrific butt (quite envious) - now enough of Vanessa....:)


    1. I see what you did there...and you are far too kind. :)

  3. Not sure of the decade, but that's a nice couple of pairs of jugs!

    Wokka wokka!