Monday, September 14, 2020

My Sanity is...Waning. :)

 I don't even know what's up anymore. I can't be sure if today is Tuesday...or July. I don't recognize most anything in the country of my birth right now. The level of corruption, graft, lies, greed, violence, theft, greed (again), stupidity, its like an out of control train, amped up on cocaine, running, spiraling out of control, everything and nearly everyone going...faster and faster, no one pausing to breathe and take stock of what they're saying, what they're doing, just going, going and going with no plan in the making and no common sense being utilized. 

Yea, its a confusing time. Everything I was told growing up, about the grace and altruism of the religious right, is in question. Everything I was told about the GOP being fiscally conservative...was wrong. Everything I was told about honor, integrity, sincerity, truth, dignity, class, has been thrown out the window...for now. I hope this will all change, but we won't know for sure, until November. And even then, should Biden win, I've little hope for anything substantial to change or improve. I think he's an okay guy as far as being a human being, but leaves a lot to be desired as far as plans, new ideas and I'm still 50/50 on Kamala being anything other than another typical self serving hairdo.

 I don't "get" the Trump cult, I can't understand why people are supporting someone that has ruined America, and parts of the world. So, I've been watching a lot of Bill Burr reaction videos recently...just to escape the insanity. And I found a nearly dead little tree outside my property wall a couple months ago, transplanted it in my yard, nursing it back to health. Its important to me to see new life, new hope, trying to do something positive for the planet.

My point? I'm just doing things, out of the ordinary for me, trying to avoid watching/reading too much "news" as very little of it is "new". Its mostly recycled talking points and the same old garbage. Same pundits, same viewpoints, same polls, same stupidity. And I've had to force myself to avoid conversations with family/friends about politics, for the most part. I had to tell a few to shut up, blocked a few, ignoring some, even told a couple to fuck off. Just trying to stay healthy and sane until this idiotic election cycle is over, regardless of who wins, at least we'll know the "deal", the campaign hysteria and ads will stop, maybe the world will focus on the pandemic, trying to find a cure, a vaccine, maybe some of the protests and riots will stop, maybe, and things will improve.

Stingray...swimming underneath a clear bottom boat. 

                                  This guy was "supposed" to be learning how to swim. 
                                                                Lame ass...  :)


I don't remember my school being like all.  :)


How bored am I? Making "Stripper Bears". Got your earrings, nose-ring, belly-ring, cash in the G-String, all the pertinent details.  :)

Church of God parishioners...doing that whole *real* Christian thing. 


A Supreme Court Justice (Samuel Alito) having dinner with Republican political operatives is a massive conflict of interest.

This helicopter's camouflage is truly impressive. 




Somebody, somewhere, has waaaay to much free time.  :)

Photo taken September the 10th, 2001. 


'Murica...needs more...material possessions? 

My real life still life, me, digital, 2020.
(Found online.) 

Nicknamed Ember: rescued from burning blackberry bush in the Oregon wildfires.

Fundamentalist religious people...learn about science...please, we're begging you to stop being so fucking ignorant. Thanks in advance.  :)

Royal Mail's new electric delivery van.
I want one.  :)

Same energy...


Spot the patriot.
Hint: He's not wearing a shirt. 

Tibetian Cherry tree trunks, look like they're made out of copper.

Village in England.


I got the following in an e-mail earlier. I loaded a FemDom spanking movie, of which I've had many of the same on PornHub since I opened the account. Thus far, no one seemed to care. Now, apparently they object to anything that falls under their heading of "bodily harm". Can I point out that the majority of anything within the BDSM realm includes what someone might consider "bodily harm" as...that is the whole fucking point?  :)

So, I guess I might just have to delete everything and close the account. I am amused however, by the verbiage they used about PornHub being a "community website". That sort of makes it sound like its filled with ads from...bake sales, church functions, Boy Scout outings, and ads for free puppies and kitties. I mean...I'd hate to have a FemDom spanking movie interfere with...all those triple anal gangbang movies, and the bukkake compilations, the cock choking/drooling/gagging blowjobs and the buckets of cum sloshing around everywhere.  :)


  1. WC here. Amen sister. I still have faith. I think We THE PEOPLE are figuring out the Republicans. Con us no more. At least that’s my hope sister.

  2. My sanity is certainly being tested these days. Have started having morning coffee sitting on dildo to just get the daily fucking that I know is going to happen out of way. WTF? Who put Ivanka on board of PH? We all know Jared takes it up the ass not on it. Let Female spankers rule!

    1. Do you have a special AM lube..or just general all purpose? Asking for...a friend. :)

  3. Thanks for the moments of sanity you provide.

    1. Sure, glad to help...assuming it actually *is* a help. :)

  4. Science shows that a bare ass riding crop whipping does far less harm to the body than brain damage caused from listening to a stable genius. Take that PH.